Fake the Love April Fool’s Day

Fake the Love April Fool’s Day

It’s April 1st and the pranks run rampant on the Interwebs. Well instead of some lame ass gag I hope to impart something to you to lift your spirits and not in a rubber vomit and electrocuted door knob kinda way. Here are a collection of faux trailers that I wish were real. The cruelest joke is that these won’t live in my movie collection some day.


From rkssTV, the same purveyors of Le Bagman comes DEMONITRON: The 6th Dimension.

You can check out more of rkssTV on their YouTube Channel.


Remember when Jason Eisener debuted his faux trailer for Hobo with a Shotgun and it became a real feature film? Remember when he held a contest for more faux trailers in celebration of his success? Remember VAN GORE?


For all you Gamers out there, would CLOCK TOWER ring your bell?


Or perhaps you’re more tabletop? How about a riff on the roleplaying games from White Wolf like HUNTER THE RECKONING?


More of a sucker for anime and manga? How about ELFEN LIED?


Or maybe your more of a fan of Foreign Films? Then how about CANADIAN NINJA? Not to be confused with Norwegian Ninja


And if there’s no pleasing you, then we’re probably related, which means you’ll more than likely be offended by Grindhouse movies and Low Brow Cinema too.



Either way you enjoy it just remember updating your Facebook status this April Fool’s Day (or any other) that you’re having a baby is a sure fire way for you to soon raise the Anti-Christ. Because after all, babies are just as much fun to make as they are to eat.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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Born in the steel scrap-yards of Lorain, Ohio, Zach Shildwachter is a VHS Vagabond wandering the Cleveland landscape in search of the perfect Horror movie and Banana flavored snacks in preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse. Until the Dead walk, our Hero remains an Aspiring Filmmaker, Compulsive Writer, Self-taught Artist, and amateur Super-Hero.

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