Easter Casket (2013) Review

Easter Casket (2013) Review

Happy Easter all you gore hounds and horror freaks out there!  Whether you’re worshiping the return of your Lord, or the return of the Easter bunny a happy day to you all. With that thought in mind I bring you a little extra Easter cheer today, a new Easter movie! Let’s take a look at Easter Casket, the 3rd release already this year from Dustin Mills.

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Welcome to the start of Spring.  The weather is beginning to warm, baseball is no doubt right around the corner, and Easter is upon us.  However, this year Easter is different, as the Catholic Church has decided that this year they want to eliminate all mention of the Easter Bunny, peeps, and everything not pertaining to Christ’s resurrection.  This upsets Peter Cottontail (aka The Easter Bunny) who sets off on a bloody voyage to eliminate as many clergy and catholic schoolgirls as he can.  Insert Father Asher (a warrior priest) who is called upon by the Mega Pope to do his heavenly duty and save the Catholic church from potential annihilation.

What can I say about Easter Casket?  I was slightly hesitant going in.  Dustin has been working on overdrive this year and how many good ideas can one person have?  I’m happy to share that Easter Casket is not only a fantastic horror-comedy, but it is Dustin’s funniest movie to date.  The movie is full of hilarious dialog and creative (and festive) kills throughout.  Toss in a healthy dose of nudity, blood, and gore and you have the makings of a cult classic.

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Special shout out time to the leads.  Erin R. Ryan (who had a bit part in Bath Salt Zombies) is a fantastic young actress that brings to mind a young Debbie Rochon.  She was able to successfully carry her character from innocent schoolgirl to seductress with ease, and also did a great job with her comedic timing.  It was an all around strong performance.  The same can be said for Josh Eal.  Josh is a regular in Dustin’s movies, and his overly dry voice tones flow perfectly for the role of Father Asher, the no nonsense warrior priest who still has time to crack a few one liners.  He was the perfect choice for the lead role, and it was nice that Dustin rewarded him with some spectacular screen time with the above mentioned Ms. Ryan.

Keep in mind that this is still a micro-budgeted horror flick and may not be everyone’s bag of tricks.  While I adore the guerrilla style movie format, I could see some people being turned off on the antagonist being a hand puppet, or wanting a more polished style of film.  But if you are like me, and can see a movie for it’s charms, Easter Casket is a hell of a good time!

You can order the movie at www.eastercasket.com.  Also, on www.indiehorror.tv Easter Casket will be screening tonight in the ultimate spot 10pm (immediately after the highly anticipated season finale of The Walking Dead) so do yourself a solid and check out Easter Casket!

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