DVD News: Vicious Circle Films to release DAWNING

DVD News: Vicious Circle Films to release DAWNING

Breaking Glass Pictures will release director Gregg Holtgrewe’s Dawning on DVD June 28th under the Vicious Circle Films label.

When siblings Chris and Aurora go to visit their father and stepmother at their northern Minnesota cabin, their first night turns tragic after the family dog disappears into the woods and ends up mortally wounded. As the family reels from the sudden loss of their beloved pet, underlying feelings of resentment begin boiling to the surface. Then, a crazed, blood-soaked stranger barges into the cabin and tells the family that he has come to save them…but from what? Though their unwanted guest may just be a lone maniac, menacing noises outside suggest the presence of something far more frightening. It’s not long before the family realizes a dark force is at play – one that wants them all dead by the dawning of the day.

Director Gregg Holtgrewe’s Dawning has won the Silver Ace Award at the Las Vegas Film Festival, Best Picture at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, and both Best Screenplay and Audience Award at the Solstice Film Festival.

Bonus features will include: Writer/director commentary, cast commentary, behind-the-scenes featurette with exclusive interviews, and deleted footage.

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