DON’T LOOK IN THE CELLAR hits the streets everywhere October 5th, 2010, but you can pre-order your copy September 3rd. Coming from Tempe DVD, known for their visceral, unapologetic and in your face horror collection, this flick is poised to leave bloody footprints all over your carpet. These are the same fine folks that stand behind DEADLANDS: THE RISINGPLATOON OF THE DEAD, and MIDNIGHT SKATER

DON’T LOOK IN THE CELLAR stars Randal Malone, Shevaun Kastl, Tara Shayne, Jed Rowen, Anya Benton and is directed by Dennis Devine. IMDB.com says:

A group of college students regret their decision to sneak into the cellar of a haunted asylum on Halloween. One by one they encounter Smiley, the last of a flawed bloodline.

The official synopsis from Tempe DVD reveals:

There is an abandoned asylum in a small town that is said to be haunted. A group of college students decide to spend Halloween night there to party and also to research the history of the asylum for a class project.

As the night moves on, secrets come to light that one of the students might be related to Smiley. It becomes a race to see if the students can find a way out and discover the truth behind the asylum’s secrets before they are all brutally murdered.

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