Dueling Reviews: Camp Motion Pictures Edition!

Dueling Reviews: Camp Motion Pictures Edition!

Welcome everyone to another edition of Dueling Reviews!  This week I’ve got two recent releases from Camp Motion Pictures, COME AND GET ME (2011) from the land down under versus ROAD HELL (2011) from the good old US of A.  Two independent horror films from opposite ends of the globe, which is worth your blood soaked dollar?

come and get me


Synopsis: Four female friends head out for a long night of drinking and dancing.  Meanwhile, three psycho’s head out for a night of murder and mayhem.  What happens when the two groups meet up?

I’ve shared before my love for the simplicity in a good slasher movie, if done properly they are a ton of fun.  COME AND GET ME gets most of it right, and is a worthy addition to any horror collection.  On the plus side you have three psycho’s that really have a few screws loose. Their main source of entertainment is catching women, and letting them loose in the woods so they can hunt them down before they slaughter them.  It would be easy to link these guys with the sickos from classics like Last House on the Left or I Spit on Your Grave (which I believe is what director Chris Sun was going for), but this batch of psychos doesn’t seem to have any interest in the women sexually.  What exactly makes them so twisted is never really hinted at, which makes them that much more psychotic.  Also for a smaller budgeted movie, we have some pretty solid (and might I add gruesome) kills and special effects.   The blood flows freely, and body parts will fly before you make it too the end.

On the flip side, the female characters are about as shallow as a puddle.  They are never given any substantial dialog to make me give a hoot about any of them, and really aside from one woman explaining that she has to get home early to go to work there is nothing to even give the women different personalities.  For as different and well fleshed out characters as the psycho’s are, a little time making me care about their prey would’ve been nice.  Also, a minor thumbs down for the ending.  While not horrible, it doesn’t fit with the feel of the rest of the movie, which is very dark and brutal.

What it all comes down to is if the movie is fun, and I am happy to say that I enjoyed watching COME AND GET ME.  What more could you ask for?

road hell


Synopsis: ROAD HELL is an anthology film.  The wrap around tale is about a dysfunctional couple who are forced to stay in a run down hotel in the middle of nowhere.  While there they witness three visions of the macabre.

First up is The One, from director Alex Pucci, which is the tale of a vampire seductress who has become a sort of cult leader.  However, one man has been hunting for her and he is determined to avenge the death of his brother.  The One is a decent short film, that really could have used a little more time to flesh out the main plot.  Lots of blood, and a pretty solid ending make this a good first story.

Next up is Deep Into The Rabbit Hole from Pete Jaceloine which is about a group of kids who find the remains of their dog near a hole, and decide rather than tell anyone they are going to figure out who or what did this.  I am conflicted on this tale, I believe this was my favorite tale, but it also has some serious holes both in logic and in effects that it almost got cringe-worthy towards the end.  Regardless of it’s shortcomings, I would say we are two for two.

Finally, we have Zombies! Zombies! Everywhere!, also from Pete Jaceloine.  In this last tale we have a college student who is videotaping a zombie exterminator as he heads out on a job.  Obviously meant to be a comedic segment, it really didn’t fit with the feel of the other stories, and was the weakest link.

Also worth noting is that the wrap around tale is absolutely atrocious.  The main couple is about as unlikable a duo as any movie I can remember.  All you do during every one of their segments is wait and hope that something awful happens to them.  Then there is the hotel manager, who would’ve been better off going for a creepy vibe rather than a goofy disgusting cretin.

And the winner of this edition of Dueling Reviews is COME AND GET ME!  Give me a nasty and gritty slasher movie over a mediocre anthology film any day!  Both movies are available through Alternative Cinema, so check them out and judge for yourself!


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