Dueling Reviews!! Alien Edition!

Dueling Reviews!!  Alien Edition!

A couple science fiction titles fell into my possession from the kind folk at Reality Entertainment.  Alien Agenda: Project Grey and Angel, Alien, & UFO Encounters From Another Dimension (yeah, that’s a real title) are both already out on DVD.  Which one is worth your bug-eyed money?

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Alien Agenda: Project Grey

Project Grey (what I believe the original title was when it was filmed in 2007) is a fictitious tale about five friends who venture out for a final camping trip at a friends cabin.  Justin’s family is selling the cabin due to the death of his mother, but he is looking for a new start and wants to propose to his girlfriend.  Unfortunate for Justin, his girl is banging his best friend on the side and he is about to find out the hard way.  This causes Justin to invite his friend for an early morning walk, and he brings a pistol along!  Meanwhile, a group of Russian soldiers (!) are hunting down a mysterious man who happens to look a lot like Justin.  On top of all that, we get glimpses inside the local mental hospital where a patient has a bizarre tale that he is sharing with his doctor!

So what does this all mean?  It means Project Grey has too many subplots going on to keep a solid grasp on what the hell is going on!  The first half of the film is all about the friends, setting up characters and playing more like a dramatic movie.  This is also the strongest part of the movie, as I was curious exactly what was going on, and what would happen to these people.  Then the Russians showed up, and the movie lost all it’s focus.  There’s a time and a place for the less is more philosophy, and Project Grey really could have used a lot less.  They took an interesting idea, and covered it in unnecessary characters and action that really ruined the pace.  Rumor has it this movie was shot with no screenplay, and if so that’s where the problem lies.  Too many ideas and no structure.

angel, alien, and ufo

Angel, Alien, & UFO Encounters From Another Dimension

From Another Dimension (I’m not about to type all that again) is a documentary from Ken Klein that shows actual video footage of what can only be described as Angels and Aliens!  Seriously! I’ve seen the footage myself!

Okay, enough yanking your chain.  From Your Dimension does have video footage, albeit extremely grainy footage of lights and shadows.  Unexplainable lights, and shadows which shouldn’t be there, so that can only mean it must be extra terrestrial!  I wish I was kidding, but that sums up this sad sack of a documentary in two sentences right there.  The interviews and camera work are absolutely horrendous, and the people involved are as far from experts as I’ve ever seen.  This may be one of the least professional, and worst documentaries I’ve ever seen.

So, if you have money to burn in your pockets, and a hankering for some alien goodness I’d say buy Aliens or Close Encounters again before touching either of these.  It’s too bad, because Project Grey had some potential and I believe directors Christian Blaze and Crystal-Dawn Rosales have a solid movie in them.

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