Drinking Games (Believe LTD)

Drinking Games (Believe LTD)

When I was in college, I liked to party. Who didn’t? Fortunately, I survived and nothing traumatic happened to me. What about those who got roofied, or drank a little too much and had to go to the hospital? Never happened to anyone I knew. But it happened nonetheless. 1170759_675989279095130_2122436159_nDrinking Games presents those situations. Potential date rape. Alcohol poisoning. Relationships. And that one creepy upperclassman who thinks he’s just being cool.


Drinking Games is based on a play written by the main actor, Blake Merriman. It follows three college students and the antics of the last night of the term. While not in the realm of horror per se, it is by all means an independent thriller. The creepy upperclassman I spoke of before?

1012856_656675734359818_2007888553_nHis name is Noopie.

He carries roofies on him at all times, as well as cocaine. He’s a bad influence. But for his freshman lackey, he’s the man to look up to. He gets all the chicks and parties like a wild man. He has no regard for others around him. What could go wrong?


This movie is acted brilliantly. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that it was originally a play, and therefore you have actors who actually give a shit about what they’re doing. Rob Bradford genuinely made me hate his character, Noopie. I actually felt as if I were peering into a college dorm room. Things that were said sounded familiar- I’ve heard this before, but in real life.

1084994_666305133396878_1483026067_oThe writing was great. Often times it’s easy to pick apart indie film because it’s so bad. This wasn’t the case. I’m not sure what to say about it other than I really enjoyed this movie.


As I said before, this isn’t really a horror flick. But if you like well-acted thrillers ripe with drama, this one’s for you. It doesn’t deserve to be a straight to DVD release. It needs to be seen.

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