Drew Bolduc’s Next Film, SCIENCE TEAM, Is Looking For YOUR Help!!!

Drew Bolduc’s Next Film, SCIENCE TEAM, Is Looking For YOUR Help!!!

science team logoDrew Bolduc’s film, The Taint, is a favorite amongst a lot of current and former Blood Sprayer alum.  On the surface, it was a super sleazy gorefest with one of the greatest titles of the last decade, but further inspection will show you that there was a ton of meat on those bones.  The story carries an intense message that will surprise you, especially considering the title and box art.  When news hit that a teaser (of sorts) was available for his upcoming project entitled Science Team, we had to know the details.

The film is being described as “a bastard child of science-fiction and horror” and the plan is to begin shooting in the summer of this year.  In addition to this, here’s a brief synopsis of Science Team:

Chip returns home to find that his mother has been brutally murdered. A sessile space alien is now living in her house. Science Team must eliminate the extraterrestrial threat. Drama ensues. People die. Inner and extraterrestrial demons are engaged. Men in pink suits use cool-looking technology. Events culminate in a destructive orgy of violence of such an epic intensity that people’s minds are literally blown out of their heads.

Seriously…how bitchin’ is THAT?!!  If that’s not enough to convince you of the hot action headed your way, they’ve created a video to give you a taste of the oddities that await:

B0lduc and team are reaching out to their fans to help in the funding of Science Team via IndieGoGo.  Their IndieGoGo page features the above-listed video as well as a description of what perks you will receive for donating to the project.   If you are interested in donating to the production bill of Science Team, please follow them on Facebook, Twitter , and visit the IndieGoGo campaign here.

We choose to back projects like these because A) We can, but also B) because we BELIEVE in filmmakers such as Drew Bolduc and everyone involved in his project.  Take a look and if you can, PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT INDEPENDENT HORROR!!!

Editor’s Note: As of the time this posted, Science Team was on day 2 of its fundraising campaign.  Of their $15,000 goal, $1136 has been donated.



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