DEMONS vs. TROLLS at Italian Invasion IV

DEMONS vs. TROLLS at Italian Invasion IV

Paura Productions has officially announced that the Director & Writer of the infamous TROLL 2,Claudio Fragasso and Rossella Drudi, will be appearing at New Jersey’s CHILLER THEATRE this April. Their appearance is paired with a DEMONS reunion for Italian Invasion IV with Director Lamberto Bava (Macabre, Devil Fish, A Blade In The Dark), Special Effects Artist Sergio Stivaletti (Giallo, Cemetery Man, The Wax Mask), Composer Claudio Simonetti (Dawn of the Dead, Suspiria, Mother of Tears) and “Rosemary” Geretta Geretta (Rats, Murderock, Shocking Dark). 

Drudi and Fragasso will  be on hand to meet their fans, address the resurgence of interest in their film thanks to the documentary Best Worst Movie, and discuss their pending sequel.

“I’m writing TROLL 3D and this time prepare to sprain your jaw with laughter,” Drudi proclaims. “It’s been more than twenty years since [TROLL 2], a small film made when we were young and we see it as experience to the serious commitment of the more than thirty films we have done to date. We are the father and the mother of GOBLIN (TROLL 2) and nobody else.”


Click here for a full roster of attending guests at Chiller Theatre.

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