Deep Red 3-D is NOT Happening

Deep Red 3-D is NOT Happening

george romeroNot too long ago Variety got the horror community in a frenzy by announcing that George A. Romero would be doing a remake of Dario Argento’s Deep Red.

Last week Romero told Fangoria that there “is no deal” locked for him to direct. Furthermore, he won’t do it “if Dario doesn’t approve.” Argento then announced to an audience at the Los Angeles Weekend of Horrors that the Deep Red remake is “not true”.

So there you have it. Deep Red is dead.

Source: Shock Till You Drop, Fangoria

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3 Responses to “Deep Red 3-D is NOT Happening”

  1. it’s probably for the best… leave the 3D to Argento and his Dracula…

  2. I love Deep Red, but I love Deep Red for what it is, how and when it was made and David Hemmings still riding his Blow Up cool.

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