Death Angel December Review (2010)

Death Angel December Review (2010)

The latest release from Chemical Burn to land on my doorstep is the indie revenge film Death Angel December. While not my favorite of their 2011 releases thus far, that honor still stands with Melvin, I was quite entertained with what Death Angel December brought to the table.

Death Angel December is about a young woman (December, naturally) who was witness to the brutal rape and murder of her mother and her little brother. The unfortunate luck of this young woman would eventually land her with a douche boyfriend who forces himself upon her, thus releasing all the pent up anger, rage, and frustration that’s been living within her. She then takes to the streets as a vigilante cleaning the world of all the scum of the earth, always hoping to find the men who ruined her life. As luck would have it, she would eventually take a job as a prostitute to get her into their evil ring which runs much deeper than even she thought it would.

Like I mentioned above, I was quite entertained with Death Angel December, for 80 of it’s 90 minute runtime. Obviously a low budget movie, most of the acting was above average and the video quality was quite nice. The blood and gore effects were adequate. Unfortunately, the negatives were quite overbearing and really hurt the movie in the long run. The sound of the movie is all over the place. A good portion of the movie is narrated over, and a lot of what is said is so muffled it’s hard to comprehend. There are also issues with the music overpowering the dialog at times, especially during the big finale. Then there is the ending itself. I won’t spoil anything, but it felt more like a Rambo movie then a revenge movie. This drastic change in the feel of the movie threw me for a loop, and unfortunately lost me.

All in all, Death Angel December was quite enjoyable. If anyone happens to stumble across a copy, feel free to give it a spin. Chances are, you’ll enjoy yourself.

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