Dead Season… is the Reason… (2012)

Dead Season… is the Reason… (2012)

Hope you’re hungry for another review! Dead Season starts off as most zombie oriented indie horror starts. A few survivors of the zombie apocalypse, Elvis and Tweeter, make the plans to set off to a deserted island to make home away from the walking dead. When they get there however, they quickly learn that the island is inhabited by a group of people organized by Conrad (played excellently by James Burns, of Call of Duty: Black Ops fame.) Their military-like society is surviving, and doing a good job. But there are some moral dilemmas when it comes to surviving. How far will Elvis and Tweeter go to survive, and what will they do when they find out the horrifying secrets of their new lives?

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Not just in the sense that I’ve seen a lot of bad movies lately and this happened to be good. But it was legitimately good. The actors portrayed their roles perfectly. There are some cheesy lines and bad writing, but that’s expected with any movie. The characters are believable, from Conrad to his daughter who’s been locked in her room for months, not allowed to leave, to the other survivors on the island. Plus, they aren’t afraid to execute a kid in the first 15 minutes. Balls. Massive cojones.

Step aside real quick. When is the last time you saw a movie that presented you with a moral issue that actually got to you? I’m not talking about children being molested by priests. Let’s be honest, if you’re reading this you aren’t going to be a priest. And if you are, then high five! You’re awesome.  I don’t want to reveal it to you, because I’d like you to see the movie for yourself. You’ll figure it out pretty quickly, but it doesn’t stop you from feeling uneasy about it through the movie.

Back to the film itself. I’ve said before that I’m a huge fan of simple effects that are executed in their finest form. From someone getting smashed under a soda machine to simple tearing flesh, they come through. On several occasions I winced. That’s saying a lot, considering I’ve seen some real nasty wounds in my lifetime. We’ll discuss that elsewhere.

I didn’t expect this film to impact me as much as it did. Let’s just say it sliced its’ way into my heart. I loved it. The filmmakers capture something a little more than a great performance from their actors. They put questions into the minds of the viewers. I started asking my girlfriend questions about the apocalypse, should it inevitably come. She got them all wrong, but that’s besides the point. Most of all, they kept me entranced. What will become of Tweeter and Elvis? Where are the survivors getting their food supplies? Why does Tweeter get naked so much? All of this and more. Far more. Enough to satiate your hungry belly, and then burst it open with a machete.

Straight from Anchor Bay, Dead Season splatters its’ way into homes via DVD and downloadable through iTunes on July 31st. I hope you saved a spot on your DVD rack!

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