Daniel Ekeroth’s “Swedish Sensationsfilms” (Bazillion Points)

Daniel Ekeroth’s “Swedish Sensationsfilms” (Bazillion Points)

Swedish_Sensationsfilms (1)Sweden is a well stocked with inspiration.  Music, food, beer, literature, and film are factions of culture that the Swedish have contributed a great deal to.  Were we discussing music, this article would end up a never ending handjob of me rambling about my favorite bands (seriously, The Hellacopters music made me realize I was in love with my now wife)…but, we’re not.  We’re here to to discuss film, and more specifically, Sweden’s contribution to genre film.  Walk into a room of film lovers and say “Sweden” and the name Ingmar Bergman will be shouted in unison.  He’s the go-to name for Swedish cinema, generally.  However, digging deeper into the dark corners of modern film history and you’ll unearth the “other” side of Swedish cinema.  On this other side, names like Christina Lindberg are tossed about with a goddess-like admiration.  This is where Daniel Ekeroth chose to explore.

Author Daniel Ekeroth’s meticulously researched “Swedish Sensationsfilms” willDaniel Ekeroth serve as the definitive guide to underground Swedish film legacy.  While the genre film world has opined over Italian and Aussie film for years, very rarely have we fully explored Sweden’s impact on grindhouse.  In fact, most often times, beyond “Thriller: They Call Her One Eye” and some of the aforementioned Bergman’s work, Sweden is left out of conversation.  At least, until people get their hands on Ekeroth’s book.

Swedish Sensationsfilms offers comprehensive looks into over 200 banned cult and exploitation films.  It covers everything from the infamous Lindberg’s filmography to the completely absurd (I have to get my hands on “Swedish Wilcats” and “The Ninja Mission” immediately!), all while still giving evenhanded attention to every title.  The book is filled with fantastic productions stills and movie posters most of us would have not likely ever seen.  Ekeroth’s knowledge of Swedish film history, coupled with his tireless attention to detail make certain that this book will be a reference piece to the most seasoned  film collectors.

For the amount of books that come out focusing on very specific niches of underground cinema, this ranks up there as one of the best.  We’re cued into what society’s progression did to affect law, as it pertains to Swedish film.  We get a personal look at Christina Lindberg’s career from the actress herself.  And most importantly, we get a thorough, accurate look at the Scandinavian legacy of Swedish underground.  Beyond Bergman, Beyond Swedish Erotica, and before Let The Right One In, there were Sensationsfilms.  Consider Daniel Ekeroth the next great authority on international sleaze cinema.




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