CRUSH (2013)

CRUSH (2013) <Millenium Entertainment>

“Careful who you wish for.”


Millenium Entertainment presents Crush, a film about a high schooler who’s got it made. Only problem is, someone’s got the hots for him, getting rid of anyone who gets in his way. But who?


Story starts off with Scott. He’s a soccer star. Popular. Athletic. He blows his knee out. It’s a long hard road to recovery. Jules likes Scott. They’re best friends. He doesn’t want to ruin their friendship, especially since his mindset is on his own health. Bess likes Scott. She’s a weirdo. An outcast. A bit stalky. Jeffrey likes Bess. He’s super weird. So all this gets mixed up at once. Bad stuff starts happening. A former teacher who flirted with Scott gets injured. Jules’ naked boobies get sent to the whole school. Who’s doing these things and why? I’ll just say I saw it coming, but only at the exact moment the writer / director wanted me to.


Fucking brilliant. In my last review I complained that if a film is going to use a “tried and true” trope, they had better do something unique. CRUSH takes elements of MISERY and PSYCHO, and modernizes them. I’m a little depressed that this didn’t get a theatrical release to be honest.


This film takes the best bits of suspense and teen slasher and wraps them all together. I genuinely cared for characters. I felt bad in certain situations. And I really wish everyone involved in this project could be involved in something greater.


CRUSH is now available on DVD, VOD and Blu-ray Disc.



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