Cool Sh*t To Spend Money On: The Blood Sprayer Guide to Good Purchasing

Cool Sh*t To Spend Money On: The Blood Sprayer Guide to Good Purchasing

Break out your wallets, because it’s time to get turned on by material possessions!!!!  Bear in mind, these suggestions come SOLELY FROM OUR RECOMMENDATION.  Meaning, as always, this is stuff we love that WE want to share with you guys.  No one’s asked us to do this, none of this stuff was given to us.  These come recommended because we’re happy consumers.


luciofulciThe Lucio Fulci Collection (Severin Films)-Do I need to spell it out for you?  It’s Severin doing what Severin does best-unearthing gloriously filthy trash from the golden days.  In this case, it’s in the form of Lucio Fulci.  This 3 disc set features the films Perversion Story, The Eroticist, and The Psychic. All of these films are lesser known/lesser seen Fulci movies.  They’re also, as I’m now referring to them, essential Fulci.  Severin Films has done a beautiful job putting this collection together, but here’s the thing:  It’s going to be a rare item.  Currently, it’s $29.98 on their website.  As a Fulci collector, I can tell you this is well worth it.


riseaboverecordsRise Above Records-Though we may all agree on movies, music is a different beast all together.  I’ve long stood by the the belief that true “horror” based music isn’t gore metal and Misfits-inspired psychobilly.  There’s too much atmosphere and emotion that doesn’t come through with a blast beat. And for god’s sake, not everyone has to sound like Glenn Danzig!  With that in mind, I’d like to recommend the record label that has kept my musical beast fed for the past several years-Rise Above Records.  Started by ex-Napalm Death/Cathedral front man Lee Dorrian in 1988, the label has served as a home for underground rock’s more eclectic offshoots (Doom Metal, classic-styled prog rock, acid folk, proto metal, psyche rock, etc.) as well as a breeding ground for success.  Several of the bands who are making waves in heavy music nowadays come from the Rise Above roster.  Previous acts include Witchcraft, Ghost B.C., Orange Goblin and the label is still home to Electric Wizard.  In addition, newer signings like Horisont, The Oath, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, and Hidden Masters cover insane amounts of underground rock territory.  Rise Above also has an imprint called Rise Above Relics that has become the home of re-released underground rock & folk from the 60’s-70’s.  Hard to find releases by Necromandus and Incredible Hog have made their way to the masses via Rise Above.  Bottom line, this label delivers the goods.  As a display of good faith, I’ll give you a few personal recommendations:

1.Witchcraft-The Alchemist

2.Electric Wizard-Come My Fanatics

3.Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats-Blood Lust

4.Blood Ceremony-The Eldritch Dark

5.Horisont-Time Warriors

6.Troubled Horse-Step Inside

That’s me just scratching the surface.  These bands use tons of cool cult film/occult/sleaze imagery in their artwork and merchandise, too!  Plenty of things on Rise Above appeal to Blood Sprayer readers.  Plus, there’s so much different stuff on their roster you’re bound to find something you’ll dig.  Check them out, give a listen to some of the bands…you won’t be disappointed.


vinegarsyndromeVinegar Syndrome-Good lord, these people get so much of my money!!! Next to the 2 aforementioned companies, these guys take the rest of my money.  It got even worse when they started showing up to Cinema Wasteland.  But it’s completely worth it.  Vinegar Syndrome does a beautiful job of remastering and restoring long lost exploitation films of all kinds.  They’re all genre fans who believe in giving these films (often times, believed to be lost) a second life on DVD and Blu-Ray.  When they do, it’s done masterfully.  Some of my favorite releases of the last couple years have come from the VS stable.  As a matter of fact, 2 more should be arriving at my home today. Whether it’s the early works of H.G. Lewis that you’re looking for, or maybe even some OLD Russ Meyer (my other unhealthy addiction), perhaps it’s the underrated Punk Vacation…or maybe just some good ol’ fashion adult films from the golden age-regardless your poison, it’s all here!  They package great features into the discs and they keep the stuff affordable.  You’re not paying through the nose to pick one of these flicks up.  In that regard, you’re getting waaaaay more than you paid for.

I can’t say enough good things about Vinegar Syndrome.  As loyal sleaze hounds, consider it your duty to visit them and pick up some great movies.

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