Come Together (2008) Review

Come Together (2008) Review

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Outrageous, funny, sexy, and not rated. This is the tag line that introduces you to Come Together. Based on this tag line and the bikini-clad cover photo, I was expecting an American Pie rip-off. It was also due to this that halfway through the movie I was disappointed due to it being a little low on belly laughs and a little low on the nudity. No offense, but what do you expect when you watch one of these movies?? It was during one of my favorite scenes in the movie, a two person game of strip poker, that I truly understood what I was watching. Come Together is a well written ensemble movie, and is really all about the characters, not the sex that was advertised all over the cover.

Come Together is about seven college students who shack up in an extremely fancy L.A. house during the riots of 1992. The home is that of hottie Angelina and her homosexual brother, Robert. Robert plays music with his best friend, and aspiring rock star Seth, who also happens to be Angelina’s ex-boyfriend. The rest of our cast includes the nerdy Jeremy, the comical Eric, the good girl Lulu, and the visably prudish Susan. What ensues is your typical jealousy plot line with Angelina flirting with Jeremy and Seth returning the favor with Susan. All the while, Eric tries his hardest to hook up with Lulu, leaving poor Robert the lone outsider who tries to cope with drugs and booze. A lot of drugs as a matter of fact, which leads to an interesting overdose scene.

From a technical standpoint, Come Together (distributed by Indican Pictures) looks like a million bucks. The acting is much better than most of the screeners that I see. The video quality, cinematography, and sound are all  fantastic.  Granted, this movie appears to have had an actual budget (estimated at $200,000 per IMDB).

It’s hard to believe that a movie that features voyeurism, s&m, strip poker, and a shower sex scene didn’t feel at all like a sex comedy, considering most of the aforementioned scenes are edited in a way they could air on Saturday afternoon on Comedy Central and no one would bat an eye. I’m not exactly sure if that’s a dig on the movie, just on the misconceptions that this is a sex comedy. Director Charles Unger could’ve went the easy way out and made an American Pie clone. But there is more than meets the eye with Come Together. It is an interesting ride to watch the characters grow and adapt to there surroundings.

So, if you’re looking for an over-sexed, gross out comedy you might end up feeling a little disappointed like I did at first viewing. But if you’re looking for an interesting character piece more in the vein of a John Hughes movie, then definitely give Come Together a chance.

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