Clowns and Baby Dolls: A Review of ‘Doll Boy’

Clowns and Baby Dolls: A Review of ‘Doll Boy’

Doll Boy is a hard “film” to review because it’s not a full length feature, it clocks in at about 27 minutes, leaving you no room to breath. I don’t know much about Bloody Bill (the film’s creator) or what he’s trying to do by putting this out. The only guess that I can make is that he’s testing the waters, trying to find what works without spending too much money at first. He is essentially creating a fan base that will help later on with larger projects that will require more funding. To this, I tip my hat because he’s going about it the right way and if Doll Boy is his first step, I hope the momentum keeps up.

The short starts out with two faux trailers, similar to the ones seen during the Grindhouse double feature. One of the trailers is mediocre, showcasing some clowns killing people (sounds better than it is) and the other is called Mister Fister. Mister Fister had me laughing non-stop for its entire length, I’ll post it below:

So, right away I was put in a good mood because I knew Doll Boy wasn’t going to take itself seriously (partly true). The actual film part starts with random people being driven in the back of a van to a warehouse-like area and thrown into the said warehouse. After shaking off the initial fright, the victims try to find out where they are and if there are any exits. All around there are baby dolls and other child-like toys. Soon after finding one of the dolls, a large, menacing man wearing a doll  mask comes out of the shadows with a sledgehammer and bashes one of the victim’s faces in. After that, the other characters run out into the warehouse looking for exits and one by one they are butchered.

That’s about it, there’s hardly any character development, most of the dialogue is pointless (only because there’s not a real story), but it’s brutal enough to keep you tuned to the T.V. The kills are great and the sledgehammer makes everything a little more hard to watch when Doll Boy clobbers people with it. I liked him as a killer and I liked that they didn’t waste time with a back story either. All the movie really is, is “Slasher Porn”. The movie lacks everything else in a slasher movie except the kills and the masked killer. So in that respect, it is better than a lot of films in the same genre, titles that get bogged down with issues and themes that really don’t seem important.

I only had a few problems with Doll Boy and once again, it’s hard to judge a movie that’s not really a movie. For one, the film is really dark and it’s hard to see what’s going on sometimes. That might be a budget thing but I kept getting annoyed at the lack of proper lighting on screen. While it’s fun to watch people getting slaughtered, there’s no “meat” to the movie or anything worth looking into for more meaning. I know, a little pretentious sounding of me but I like films with a little depth. I mean, most good horror movies talk about something else, am I right? The biggest issue that creates the other issues is that it’s too short and there is so much more that can be done with it.

Bloody Bill is on the right path and though it feels a little unstable, Doll Boy has a chance at making a great feature length slasher film. I liked the killer, I liked the kills, and I even liked the characters before they got butchered but I need more from you Mr. Bill. There is plenty of potential here and I hope it’s not going to be wasted.


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Doll Boy shows plenty of promise but ultimately fails to impress me. With a menacing killer and great sledgehammer kills, I hope to one day see this turned into a feature length. Great potential, just not enough meat.

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