Chemical Burn Pictures Pumps Out Some Gold

Chemical Burn Pictures Pumps Out Some Gold

It’s a three-for-all of Chemical Burn pictures! Since I’ve got three of them, they’re gonna be short and sweet. Or sour.



1. Sloppy the Psychotic.

Clown murderer. Looks like it was shot on Mom & Dad’s Handicam. Mediocre plot, shitty acting. Where it shines are in the effects and the brutality to which the titular character goes to commit his heinous crimes. File this under “A little more money and time.” We could have been looking at a film as good as John Wayne Gacy’s crimes were bad.


9-DAYS-FRT2. 9 Days: Whipped, Chained and Tortured by a Psychopath


Revenge flick. Well scripted. Well acted. Well done.  How far will she go to escape, and get her own revenge? The psychopath in the title really makes this film what it is. Coming across just as insane as righteous (in his own mind,) he channels the best of characters like Norman Bates. The torturee is pretty good too.



bloodline3. Bloodline

Easily the best of the three. Italian, subtitled. A woman returns to the place her family was murdered for a backstage on a porn film. The killer returns. We all love a little sleaze. Even though this film doesn’t get into that itself, the porn actors and director shine in portraying those personalities. Good effects, good acting, good everything. My favorite of the three.


Chemical Burn doesn’t always have the best films. In fact, sometimes they’re real shit. But when they’re on, they’re dead on.

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