Checking In With Rob Dimension: An Interview with the Host of LATE NIGHT AT THE HORROR HOTEL

Checking In With Rob Dimension: An Interview with the Host of LATE NIGHT AT THE HORROR HOTEL

Rob Dimension is a man that wears many hats, and under all those hats is some awesome hair. He’s one of the Hosts of Late Night At The Horror Hotel that’s a staple of Philly TV sets as well as a crusader for all things Horror. Whether at conventions, on multiple websites, or even ringside at the wrestling arena, Rob kicks a lot of ass. Just tune in and see why.

How did Late Night at the Horror Hotel first start off?

It was a mix of ideas really. I had really wanted to try Horror Hosting but knew I needed some help, so I asked John Cannon. I had known Cannon for about 8 years and plus, he had talked to me about a cooking show called “Creature Cooking”, one thing lead to another and boom. I just thought a Hotel based in Purgatory could be fun; we could rotate guests and add all types in the mix. So far, things have worked out great.

You have puppets, a pet mascot, and lots of other wacky on screen gags. Is there a favorite? Is there one you’ve tried that just didn’t work out the way you planned?

The pet mascot is my pug, her name is Princess, she is completely lazy and we knew she would be kind of easy to work with. She doesn’t move, seriously. The Puppets really came into the show when we added Sal Valente, the guy behind Pigamortis Wrex. Sal is every bit as obnoxious as the Pig, if anything it just adds to the weirdness of our show. Hack the Zombie and DJ the Dead Janitor have some small roles, Hack seems to “burp” in every scene he is in and DJ would have really liked to have been on Broadway, but instead cleans up after Pigamortis and me.

The biggest plan that didn’t work for us, was the makeup…we tried to appear a little undead but quickly realized that we blended in with a lot of other Horror Hosts and wanted to stand out. Believe it or not, we receive more credit for just being ourselves and we think it’s marketable on a different level to many.

Are there plans to do more contemporary film screenings with the show or do you prefer the classic Horror films of yesteryear? This seems like an excellent platform for more independent horror movies as well.

We have just started to see some Independent film submissions for our show. We currently have Night of the Living Dead: Re-Animated, JimmyO’s Silver Scream plus 3 other titles in the can. Some short films have also been offered to us, some are really fantastic. Our primary goal is to help the Independent guys, they need to be seen and quite honestly, create some of the most amazing stuff being produced. In a market where it is virtually impossible to get your movie out there, we do our best. We review a lot of Indie Horror on the show and on the site. We are hoping it catches on for them and us…we are trying to be different. We see what everyone else does and are really trying to stand out and add more levels to our game.

How can more people check into the Horror Hotel? Is there a streaming site or should we start hounding our cable providers for those of us not near Philly?

Well, we are working on getting our episodes on our site, including a web exclusive show. Plus, watch for our mini episodes and shorts. We are now on in 18 states including (NJ, PA, TN, IL, ME, MA, VT, NH, FL , WV) to name some and by looking at our download rate, we are adding about 2 stations a week, so hang in there. If we are not on in your area…it’s simple, email me with your hometown Public Access station and let’s see if we can get started. Send links to your local TV station; tell them you want us there. We will go above and beyond to make sure that they are happy. We have had great feedback, let me know!!

What are your plans for expanding the format of the show? More guests, more reviews, more DVD spotlights?

We are always trying to evolve, add new things and just make our show better. I am never happy (ask around…haha) and I always want to see what we can get away with. We would LOVE to have more celebrity guests, we are hopeful on a few contacts we have been making. I’m always flattered when we hand someone dvds and they get back to us and say “let’s do something”. Not a better feeling in the world.

Reviews are great but really one per show is about the most we can add. Originally when we started, we were 3 segments per hour…well now our show is cut to an hour and we have 8-9 segments. The movie we are hosting becomes a 30 minute best of. The 1 hour format works better for the stations and helps keep people “into” the show. We just want to give the Horror fans what they want to see.

How did you partner with Chainsaw Sally? What does this alliance mean for the show? Are the Soska Sisters joining in as well? A boy can dream…

I had talked with April and JimmyO a few times in the past and even reviewed The Good Sisters dvd. We just became friends and when I asked him about coming to the show for a guest spot, both April and JimmyO were really excited, I was really flattered. They are great people and have the same desire and visions that we do. We are already working on more joint shows, so I have a feeling that Chainsaw Sally will become a semi regular…we’ll see.

The Soska’s, I would LOVE to have on…I think if they were closer to Philly, they would be on already. They are super cool chicks and are very smart and know how to market themselves.

Guests I would want: since just meeting Brian O’Halloran, he would be an awesome addition to our show in a cameo. I would also LOVE Debbie Rochon, and she is THE modern day Scream Queen, there’s so many to choose from. It isn’t even about what a Woman can bring to the show, it’s open for anyone…we just want to have fun, and be proud of our product.

What do you feel is the fascination Horror fans have with Horror Hosts? Have you ever encountered a crazed fan? Who is your favorite Horror Host?

A crazed fan….haha…nah, I’m not sure we have any. All kidding aside, I think Horror Hosts to the middle aged TV viewer helps them relate to a time in their life when things were more innocent or fun. We constantly hear about Zacherly, Dr Shock and Stella, these are people who impacted lives, we love that. We can only hope that we have even an ounce of that fanbase.

I have a few favorite Hosts (who didn’t enjoy Elvira when they were entering manhood?), but more importantly I have made some great Horror Hosts friends. Karlos Borloff, from Monster Madhouse is someone I talk to weekly; he has been doing the hosting for years and has seen it all. Whenever I have a question, he is always there to answer for me.

How does the show’s producers Sickening Thud factor into the show?

Sickening Thud is a group of young, hungry film makers from Philadelphia. Wedge Wegman and Shannon Hall have a great attitude with the show and we could not be happier to have them aboard. They really have allowed us to step up or production and are on the same thinking pattern as we are. I can’t wait to see what else they come up with!

Can you elaborate on your involvement with Horror

I have been a contributing writer at Horror Society, as well as other Horror sites for years. Mitch contacted me, said he was a fan of the show and how I carried myself (not sure if that was good or and thought I would be great at hosting their radio show. I really enjoy it, they are great people…plus it allows me to meet great contacts and talk about what I love. If any aspiring film maker is out there and you are not listening to this show, you need to. I always ask questions about getting started, marketing, really everything you should know to help make your journey easier. Come listen every Wed night at 9pm –

Besides Horror movies you also have a passion for wrestling. What’s the story there?

A little over 10 years ago, I became involved with Pro Wrestling, first as a promoter, then on to a performer. Pro Wrestling is a crazy business, I was fortunate to make a lot of great friends and travel. It’s come to a point in my life now; I think I am done with it. I was happy with what I accomplished, but I feel it’s time to move on.

What other plans do you have for your global media take-over?

I really am trying to get my hands in everything; I just feel that the more you do the better results. I am a big believer in positive thinking, sure it’s tough sometimes, just surround yourself with a great friends and you can do your best.

If you visit our site, we are currently adding reviews from everything to Movies, TV show, even Magic tricks, really just hoping to spotlight something for everyone. We are also in the process of developing a line of Plush (Halloween themed Stuffed dolls)…we have some prototypes ready and they should be on our site soon.

If you have a convention and want us to come out and cover it, email me. If you are having a screening of your film…email me. If you are having a party and want us to host it…email me. We are here for you….use us (please)!

Click Here to go to the Official LATE NIGHT AT THE HORROR HOTEL Website.

Click Here to watch Episode #3 of the show. You can click here to check out thier gift shop and order up some of the episodes on DVD for yourself.

You can find them on Facebook here. You can find all their videos here on YouTube.

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