Check out the trailer for Diane

Check out the trailer for Diane

The director of Being Michael Madsen, Michael Mongillo,  is getting ready to submit his new movie to film festivals. This one’s called Diane, and it’s about a military veteran who finds himself haunted by the woman whose body he found in his backyard. Jason Alan Smith plays the war veteran, and Carlee Avers plays the woman who haunts him.

Here’s a long quote from Mongillo I cobbled together from his shorter quotes:

DIANE Still 1“I wanted Diane to be chilling and emotionally powerful. “The film has a social relevance and also gets under the skin of audiences to impart a haunting, lingering effect…Diane is my favorite of the films I’ve directed. “With Diane I achieved what I set out to do with the fewest compromises yet. I’m confident that moviegoers will find Diane an emotionally honest and intellectually satisfying movie. I am so proud of the work of my long-time collaborators, especially star and executive producer, Jason Alan Smith, who delivers a gut-wrenching performance…I am looking forward to audiences all over the world discovering Diane. My goal, in addition to directing something entertaining and deeply unsettling, was to create an honest work about the human condition. Horror has always served as a backdrop to telling character-driven stories and all the best ghost stories are actually tales of atonement, and that’s Diane in a nutshell.”

And here’s the trailer and synopsis:

Afghanistan War veteran Steve’s lasting injuries and regrets plunge him into a daily soulless routine until the body of a beautiful singer, Diane, is discovered in his backyard. Steve takes a photo of her corpse with his cell phone before reporting the murder and he becomes obsessed with the dead woman’s image. Now a prime suspect, Steve is scrutinized by the police, hassled by Diane’s widower, and attacked by self-righteous neighbors. Before long, the malevolent ghost of Diane weaves a dark spell in Steve’s psyche that leads to strange and startling revelations.

DIANE Still 3

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