Cheap Ain’t Easy: An Interview With Chris Seaver

Cheap Ain’t Easy: An Interview With Chris Seaver

You may have noticed the illustrious Chris Seaver of Low Budget Pictures popping up on your radar a while back with an interview by Wes Allen. Well there’s been some significant changes in Seaver’s life and he’s back to share with the Blood Sprayer.

So sadly to say, Low Budget Pictures isn’t in operation anymore. What exactly are the new steps you’re taking as a filmmaker?

Well I still have Blood Fart Lake Part 2 coming – Tempe entertainment AND SRS cinema will still have a few LBP releases coming before the year is out so fans will still get some new stuff this year. As far as what’s next for me after Blood Fart 2 and the final nail in the coffin of LBP – Well it looks like I’m going to be working for Warlock Home Video- The recently re-aquired Shot on Video Horror company from the 80’s. Looks like I will be helping them with the anniversary documentaries and promotional material for their big come back. I’m thrilled as I was a huge fan of their products growing up. From what I know, it is going to be a SOV horror fans moist dream, including mine.

What’s some of the feedback you’ve received since calling it quits? Any shout outs or fuck you’s to share?

Well fans are bummed, but they understand which is cool. I think whatever I do in the future I will have those loyal hard core geeks checking in which is awesome. Some of the group were bummed as well, however just like the fans, my friends/crew will be following me in whatever happens next, including helping with E.W. Swackhammer’s Warlock Home Video re-launch.

What are your current opinions on the business model of independent cinema today?

Well I think a lot of people are losing sight as to why they started making movies in the first place. Maybe a one hand finger count shows us how many are truly doing it for the right reasons anymore. I have seen some good things coming down the pipeline, however they aren’t really in the micro-budget field. Everyone in that field, save for 2 or 3 peeps I know, are all about starting fights and acting like they are cooler than your movie or that guy’s project. It has gotten lame. When I started out doing this, and certainly when we started selling at conventions back in 96 there was hardly ANY indie peeps put there trying to push their work, and if they were out there, there was a sense of friendship and brotherhood between us all. Not so anymore. And it sucks.

The forum on the LBP website is still no longer active. What happened?

Well this wacked out fuck face kept trolling and starting shit for his own amusement I guess. It’s a dude we have dealt with before and it just wasn’t worth it to me. So silly and immature. Over all, no skin off my sack.

Your previous films always blend a sense of the absurd yet tender moments with plenty of dick and fart jokes. Do you have plans for more serious fare? Are there other genres you hope to target?

I love absurdest comedy, always have. I love horror and sci-fi and fantasy and over the top action and b-movies and schlock. That’s where I am comfortable with. Mixing comedy with the Genre stuff. I would never try to do anything serious. I frankly do not think I could pull it off. I stick to what I’m good at, wacky characters and pretty tight dialogue. I think one way or another, I will always go back and forth tween comedy and horror.

What have been some of your go-to resources as a filmmaker? Any advice for the film school kids out there?

Well I mean friends and family seem to be right there behind you, you need something and they will do what they can to get it for the film.It is also great to write within your limitations, which is what I have done from the get go. I know what we can do and frankly what I WANT to do and they never need to get beyond the limits of what we have available to us. As far as advice the only REAL advice you can give is to get off your ass and stop being a film talker. That shit is so annoying. If you truly have it in your soul, heart and magic pouch,you WILL get up and make a fucking film. And if you just stopped thinking HUGE and thinking “This is how you make a movie so I need THESE thousand dollar items to do it” Well that is BULLSHIT. You are most likely just a pussy and are afraid to fail and have people judge you. Fuck that noise my man! Just get a camera, get some friends who want to truly help you, not loser ass-hats that will end up just fucking around more than doing what you ask of them, and just get out there and start working your mojo. Sucking is part of the magic. You just keep doing it and keep learning. You may end up with something is pretty OK. JUST DO IT!!!!

How important is the aesthetic of style to your storytelling? Do you feel “cheap” is a style?

Well truth be told I have never cared too much about how my flicks look. I care more about my script, characters and over acting. I feel like if you wanted to watch a movie just for how it looked than you are doing something wrong with your life. I feel that if you can follow the story, the actions, the characters in a cheapo flick than you have done your job, you HAVE in fact made a movie with a opening, middle and end. I also love seeing movies that look so raw. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that Lord of the Rings didn’t blow my ass away due in part to how it looked, because it did, but it was the whole of the picture as well. That story and those characters were the heart of it all. But as for me, the indie underground world, I guess I don’t need to spend 4 hours on lighting and setting up each shot, it’s silly and a time dragger and frankly in what I do, we do not HAVE a lot of time. So yeah, Cheap IS a style.

How closely have you kept in touch with your cast of actors and fellow filmmakers from LBP? Any tales of unrequited love or scandal?

Well truth be told, 90% of the people in LBP are all my friends, they aren’t actors or filmmakers, just friends of mine that love to be apart of something super sweet. Love to ham it up and be productive in something fun and rewarding at times. So I talk to and see them quite a bit. There are a few true actors and filmmakers in the bunch and again, I see them or talk to them often. The next step or evolution of me as a filmmaker, most of them will be right there by my side. They are amazing, loyal and true friends. Love them all. As far as love and other wacky misadventures, other than Meredith “Vanbonage” Host being a home wrecker and stealing the hearts of men and woman, trolls and creatures alike, nothing too creamy.

With some few hands on deck to help, filling various roles, how did you cope as friends with your filmmakers and cast on and off of set?

Well this is true, my friends ARE the actors, crew and everything else in between. Almost every one of them has a job to do outside of their characters on an LBP set. They really go above and beyond for me. Again I love them and they are such good people.

Blood Fart Lake II is on the docket for production. What can you share about this upcoming feature?

Well after the Mulva remake fell through I figured after the LBP event for the 20th anniversary in Feb. Was pretty much going to be the swansong. Then Ron Bonk of SRS Cinema and I were talking and figured one last movie could still be in the cards. One last flicks to say thanks to the fans and give us a chance to do all of the characters a nice send off. We had such a great time making Blood Fart 1 and it was atop seller for SRS cinema that the most logical thing to do was a sequel. It is really going to be a crazy flick. Such a goofy story arc and the gore and cheese will be amped up 10 fold. It very much follows the 80’s slasher sequel set up and we are all pretty jazzed to jump back in. Almost everyone is on board and even characters from the first are back….yes even the dead ones!

What’s been your favorite LBP memory? Now that you’re all warm &fuzzy, what was the worst?

Well I have had good times all through the 20 years. yes there has been shit storms now and again but a good portion of the shoots have been fun and filled with mirth. Karaoke Kid was a blast, Blood Fart Lake, Heather and Puggly 1, 2, 3 were fantastic, Teenape Goes To Camp, Carnage for the Destroyer was a hoot. And the smaller flicks, the shorts and what not are always a good time. The worst times making the flicks were on House On Bonejack Hill, Ski Wolf, Deathbone, Destruction Kings, Mulva 2. The VERY worst was Teenape vs the Monster Nazi Apocalypse, hands down. But even in the shit there is magic to be had. In the end it is all worth it and we all have a product we are either VERY proud of like Geek War or not so proud of like Quest for the Egg Salad.

What dirty secrets can you share about the illustrious Wes Allen that the world may not be ready for?

Well Wes is a mystical man filled with MUCH piss and lava. He truly appreciates the subtle moistness of a vagina’s flaccid labia but he also thrills and chills at the power and majesty of an erect clit. So he is part man, part Sasquatch but ALLLLL Warrior. I love the guy and he has done so much for LBP not the least of which being a loyal fan through thick and thin. I wish he would hang out with us more though. We need to get him in Blood Fart 2 PRONTO!!!

Where can people go to check in on your latest efforts? Do you have plans to stay on the East Coast or maybe hitchhike to burn Hollywood to the ground? How can folks still snag some of your previous films?

You can always find me on facebook, until I get super tired of how lame it can be sometimes. You can go to and get any of the movies you need from me, you can always get a hold of me through my LBP e-mail. I will chat with just about anyone for as long as you want. Peeps can also find LBP at Netflix, Amazon, Best Buy, soon and so forth. I also feel I will be spending a lot of time with E.W. and the Warlock Home Video crew, so you MAY be able to catch us at conventions and what not in the near future.

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