Channel Surfing: Investigation Discovery (Halloween Weekend)

Channel Surfing: Investigation Discovery (Halloween Weekend)

If you’re looking for some quality boob tube time this Halloween weekend, look no further than Investigation Discovery. This weekend they are unveiling a Trick or Cheat weekend with some awesome treats!

First it’s the return of Cropsey (Friday, October 29 at 8 pm ET)

Following that is a mini-marathon of cheaters episodes of Deadly Women and Wicked Attraction (Sunday, October 31)

And one I’m excited for is American Occult, a three-part limited series that captures the macabre and psychological horrors behind some of the most haunting subcultures in America.

Venturing into a dark world, American Occult explores people who live on the fringes of society and stop at nothing when called by their beliefs – even to commit murder. Each case is decoded by forensic psychologist Katherine Ramsland as she unlocks the world of these ritual killers. By poking into the sinister corners of our society, Ramsland takes viewers inside the cultures of vampires, Satanists and others.

American Occult premieres on Saturday, October 30 from 8-11 pm ET. Here’s a look at the twisted stories they plan to air…

Savage Sin – 10/30 8 pm ET
Chicago police begin a routine homicide investigation only to find themselves plunged into a world of savage crimes and occult rituals. Someone is snatching women off the streets and mutilating them in unspeakable ways. When a survivor turns up to identify the predators, investigators are shocked to discover an altar hidden on a quiet street where deadly rites are performed. In the next story, someone murders a nun with satanic overtones in a chapel during Christianity’s holiest season. Investigators eventually unmask the perpetrator, and discover rumors of dark practices among some of the most respected people in the community.

Blood Lust – 10/30 9 pm ET
In a seemingly idyllic Florida vacation spot, emergency workers discover that a young woman has been shackled and sexually assaulted. As she tells her story to investigators they realize she has had a horrifying encounter with someone who believes they are a real-life vampire. Next, a small town in New England is shaken when authorities discover that someone is brutally murdering prostitutes. As they investigate the deaths, they learn about a ring of sex workers rumored to be meeting in the dark forests nearby to perform unspeakable rituals in the worship of Satan himself.

Evil Sacrifice 10/30 10 pm ET
A frantic teenage boy arrives at a local firehouse with a terrifying message. Authorities rush to his house to find his parents dead, killed in a ritual that shocks the community. In the days that follow, locals patrol the streets with guns, convinced that a network of devil worshippers are about to strike. Next, a charming and eloquent preacher gathers together a group of devout believers determined to bring on the end of the world with a sacrifice. Police detectives race to stop them, only to find that they have already turned violent.

That’s not all…

Season Premiere: Season 2 of I (Almost) Got Away With It
Robert Spencer was a hotheaded 23-year-old dealing drugs and living the life of a thug, and he was known to fire off rounds from his front yard. So when neighbors heard shots one night in 2006, nobody suspected murder. But when cops discover the body of Spencer’s girlfriend, all eyes turn to the deadly thug. Spencer, high and on the run, lives every day as his last. But treating life as a big party brings Spencer too many close calls with the cops. He books it to Mexico, where he gets a job and finds the affection of a friend’s mother. It is this trusting relationship that ultimately ends Spencer’s unique “vacation.”

If you’re staying inside this weekend this is all proof that there’s plenty more things scarier than anything you can find in a costume shop.

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