Celebrate February as Women in Horror Month!

Celebrate February as Women in Horror Month!

February has come and it’s time to celebrate Women in Horror Month. 28 days filled with showcasing the illustrious talents and contributions of the women in front of and behind the camera. There are several outlets to peak your interest and get involved, no matter where you are.

The multi-talented Hannah Neurotica, has long shouldered The Women in Horror Month website updating all on the current endeavors of the female gender in horror. You can catch up February 1st at 9pm as Hannah jump-starts the festivities with a Women in Horror Month Kickoff Party on ZineCore Radio. Hannah and actress Debbie Rochon are co-hosting and spotlighting a slew of great guests. Be sure to tune in and if you haven’t already, pick up a copy of Ax Wound – the zine that redefines gender in horror.

The Viscera Film Festival, which celebrates emerging female talents in horror, will feature two upcoming events. February 4th & 5th will showcase screenings and giveaways at Athens Cine in Georgia with Shannon Lark, co-director and founder of the Viscera Film Festival. February 26th delivers the Blood Bath Film Festival with Shannon Lark and co-director of Viscera and Fangirltastic, Heidi Martinuzzi, in Oak Cliff, TX.  Click here for the Blood Bath Film Festival’s Official Selections.

The Viscera Film Festival kicks off Sunday, July 17th at the Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles. They are still accepting festival submissions until February 28th. Here’s a trailer to entice you.


Viscera 2011 Teaser/Trailer from Shannon Lark on Vimeo.

February 27th ushers in the Stiletto Film Festival in Clinton, MA at the Strand Theatre, organized by Megan Sacco.  Check out the Stiletto Film Festival FaceBook page for continous updates and news about the films featured.

And on February 6th is the BleedFest Film Festival from Elisabeth and Brenda Fies at the Cap Theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA. Special appearances will include Lil Zane, Katt Shea, Stacy Title, Lori Bowen, Tara Cardinal, Kevin Tenney, Michelle Tomlinson, and Nic Brown. Click here for full details of the event, and the films screening. Setting the tone for this event  is a major blood drive where BleedFest hopes to reach their goal of 20 pints of blood with 2 donors per 20 minutes. Click here for more details about giving.  Click here for the BleedFest FaceBook page.

And speaking of blood, a bombshell of exciting news comes from those Twisted Twins, the Soska Sisters. Taking the spirit of giving to new heights, Jen & Sylvia are taking part in organizing a massive blood drive to increase the number of donations to those in need.

You CANNOT donate if…
*You have traveled outside of the US, though please check if your travels affect your donation.
*You have been to the dentist in 2 to 3 days prior to donating.
*You have gotten a tattoo or piercing in 6 months prior.
*You have received an injection or flu shot 2 days prior.

*You must feel completely well.
*You must be between 17 and 61 years of age.
*If you drink, you CAN donate.
*If you smoke marijuana, you CAN donate.
*If you are gay, you CAN donate.

To book your appointment, call 1-888-2-DONATE. Please schedule your appointment in advance to ensure your chance to donate.

The Soska’s latest PSA for this event also discloses the star of their new feature film American Mary at the end of the video.

That’s right, the star of American Mary is none other than Katharine Isabelle. Known for shape-shifting as a werewolf in Ginger Snaps, duking it out in Freddy VS Jason, and much more, Katharine will step into the title role of the highly anticipated sophmore effort from the Soskas.  Click here for their official site.  Click here for their official blog and click here for the American Mary FaceBook page.

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