Catching Up With the Sick World of Jimmyo Burril

Catching Up With the Sick World of Jimmyo Burril

jimmyo reanimatorBeing the man behind The Chainsaw Sally franchise as well as one of this year’s best indie horror features, “The Good Sisters”, you’d guess that Jimmyo Burril is ready to rest the for the remainder of 2010.  You would be wrong.  In addition to all of this, his dirty mind has managed to work up even more ideas to bestow the horror community with. Next up for Forbidden Pictures is the release of “The Chainsaw Sally Show Season 1”, courtesy of Troma DVD on January 11, 2011.  Currently, Burril is in the process of writing the script to his next film (which upon him describing to me, had me instantly excited) called “The Darling Clementines”.  While Jimmy says the story has evolved over time, this is the official pitch for the coming flick:

2011forbidden.Growing up in the back woods of the Appala-
chian Mountains, the Clementine sisters live
under the strict rule of their mentally
deranged, Bible bound mother, who has
deemed it time for her daughters to fulfill their
holy obligation to procreate. Because of their
geographical isolation, suitable candidates are
scarce, therefore the sisters set forth to hunt,
stalk, and capture the missing element they
need for the completion of their holy quest —
men! It’s now up to a group of wives and girl-
friends to rescue their partners from cruel and
unusual servitude.

The film doesn’t have an official production or release date yet, but make no mistake-when Jimmyo wants to get a movie made, he’s proven that he’s able to do it without any trouble.  In addition to the aforementioned releases, there’s also a dark comedy in the works from Forbidden Pictures.  But fear not, Chainsaw Sally fans-Sally’s never too far off in Jimmy’s mind and we will certainly see her again soon…or at least here her coming first, anyway. 

While we await more news on “The Darling Clemetines” and Jimmyo’s unnamed project you can always make your way over to and pick up all their previous works, including 2010’s “The Good Sisters” (again, one of the best indie horror features of the year, hands down) or get a pre-ordered copy of season one of “The Chainsaw Sally Show” as well.  As always, The Blood Sprayer will keep you posted on upcoming events from Forbidden Pictures as we receive details.

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  1. Chainsaw Sally is one of those properties that I seem to hear about in transitions and though I’ve never seen an episode of the series, it seems visually interesting. And it has the Troma stamp of approval. I’ll definitely have to be checking it out.

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