Catching Up With Henrique: Another Interview With Mr. Couto

Catching Up With Henrique: Another Interview With Mr. Couto

And a hearty hello to all the faithful readers of the Bloodsprayer! I have been away far too long, but I am back and ready to hit the ground running. The first thing I have to share with all of you is an interview I conducted with one of our favorite independent directors, Henrique Couto! Henrique has graced us with BABYSITTER MASSACRE, BLEEDING THROUGH, as well as his music and horror story albums. So what is this pied piper of the macabre up too these days?

Haunted House on Sorority Row

Your new movie is titled “Haunted House on Sorority Row”.  What can you tell us about the new project?

HAUNTED HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW is a kind of chilling haunted house story about the darkness of the past coming to kill you unless you confront it. We are producing it again with the participation of Alternative Cinema and Camp Motion Pictures who produced BABYSITTER MASSACRE. It should be a great collaboration!

Paranormal movies have been all the rage, especially this summer with the awesome THE CONJURING and INSIDEOUS: CHAPTER 2.  How difficult is it coming up with fresh ideas in a subgenre that consistently has new releases?

It can be very difficult, I think the most important goal in a project like this is to just come up with legitimate scares and creep out moments. The story we went with is very old time and heady, so I think it will come across as mostly original. But no matter what you do it will end up compared to other work.

Like myself I know you have a special love affair with the slasher genre.  When I heard the title of your new movie I couldn’t stop thinking of THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW.  Are you planning on having any aspects of the body count/slasher genre sprinkled throughout the movie?

For the most part the film will not be much of a slasher film, I loved making the title an homage to such a classic horror film but I was also burnt out on making a body count style horror film after BABYSITTER MASSACRE. We established such a pace of kills and torture in that film I feel like I want to try something different with this one. This has a lot more creep out moments, and a lot more mood and atmosphere.

How far into production are you on HAUNTED HOUSE?  Any ideas or plans on when the movie might be released?

Preproduction is about to wrap with shooting starting in a few weeks, I would say it is safe to expect a premiere theatrically in the early half of 2014 with a DVD and Video on Demand release to follow in the summer or fall. (Update: shooting is about to wrap!!!)

What are some of your personal favorite haunted house or supernatural movies that may have influenced you in writing HAUNTED HOUSE?

I actually wrote HAUNTED HOUSE with a very talented screenwriter named John Oak Dalton. We were very influenced by AMITYVILLE HORROR and I know I was influenced heavily from the kind of style of late 80’s David DeCoteau films. I love the later AMITYVILLE sequels as well, and also the WITCHBOARD movies. My influences tend to get more and more obscure the more I really hold them up and look at them.

I know with your last feature A BULLDOG FOR CHRISTMAS you ran a successful indiegogo campaign, but I don’t think you went that direction this time.  Anything you’d care to share on financing your new movie?

The film is being financed and distributed by Alternative Cinema, and I couldn’t be happier to work with them again. They have handled the distribution of 3 of my films thus far and they are always working very hard to get maximum exposure. I think this film will be a good fit.

Speaking of A BULLDOG FOR CHRISTMAS, any updates on potential distribution or release information to those interested in the family comedy?

BULLDOG is about to wrap up entirely and will premiere theatrically in time for Christmas, but the distribution plans are still not official yet. We hope to announce something soon, but it is too early to tell.  (Update: BULLDOG is going to have it’s world premiere December 8th in Englewood, OH.  Check out the information here.

Finally, we are less than a month away from the worldwide release of BABYSITTER MASSACRE (which I have preordered and can’t wait to watch) just in time for the Halloween season.  For anybody reading this not familiar with your work what can they expect from BABYSITTER?

I can promise you everything you hope to get from a film titled BABYSITTER MASSACRE. You will get a stalking killer, gorgeous girls, blood, and a terrifying sound track to pull it all together. Please check it out on October 15th in FYE stores, online at many retailers such as Amazon, or rent it instantly on iTunes! (Update: Obviously BABYSITTER is already available, and it is awesome! Check it out!)

Thanks for checking out the interview, and keep an eye out for any updates on HAUNTED HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW as we get them!

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