BUFFALO SCREAMS Update: Guests, Showcases, and Competitions

BUFFALO SCREAMS Update: Guests, Showcases, and Competitions

Greetings readers. Yes, it’s me, your favorite Buffalonian, with another update on the rapidly-approaching BUFFALO SCREAMS HORROR FILM FESTIVAL.  I’ve been trying to group updates, rather than post small blurbs every few days.

So.  Let’s take a look.

First of all, in addition to Debbie Rochon, BUFFALO SCREAMS will have Western New York animator Mike Boas in attendance as a guest of honor.  Mike contributed a segment to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: REANIMATED, which will be one of the showcase presentations at the festival, with Mike slated to perform introductory duties for the film.  More about Mike’s work can be seen at his website, www.maddogmovies.com.

Second on our docket this evening, a fifth Showcase Feature has been announced: short film THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF MISTER HOLLOW by Rodrigo Gudino and Vincent Marcone, from a script by Gudino.  I’m hoping this one falls at a time where I’ll be able to check it out.  The blurb posted on the BUFFALO SCREAMS site has me intrigued:

An image that tells an entire story, THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF MISTER HOLLOW centers on a single photograph that dates back to the early 1930s. As the camera begins to investigate the particulars of the photo, however, it reveals a tapestry of secrets hidden in the details, and a tale of murder, kidnapping and sacrifice captured in a haunting moment.

That sounds pretty cool, plus the title reminds me of one of my favorite underrated Poe stories, The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar.

Finally, the entries in the Buffalo Screams Competitive Films Series have been announced.  Films will be screened, considered, judged, consensus’d, and awards will be given in the fields of Best Horror Feature, Best WNY Horror Feature, Best Horror Short, Best WNY Horror Short, Best “More than Horror” Feature, and Best “More than Horror” Short.

Horror Shorts

  • The Black Cat (WNY)
  • By Her Hand, She Draws You Down (USA)
  • Cabine of the Dead (France)
  • Davis (WNY)
  • Duty of the Living (USA)
  • Eyes Beyond (Canada)
  • The Familiar (Canada)
  • The Gallery (Canada)
  • Gitchy the Clown (USA)
  • It’s In Back (WNY)
  • Red (Canada)
  • Risen (USA)
  • A Study in Red (USA)

Horror Features

  • El Monstro Del Mar! (Australia)
  • House of Horrors: the Movie (WNY)
  • M (USA)
  • Mold! (USA)
  • True Nature (USA)
  • Werewolf Fever (Canada)

“More than Horror” Shorts

  • Damn Your Eyes (Western; USA)
  • No Road Out (Crime Drama; USA)
  • Born to Die (Crime Drama; USA)

“More than Horror” Features

  • Avenging Force: The Scarab (Superhero; Canada)
  • Triptosane (Science Fiction; USA)

If you were wondering, “WNY” stands for Western New York, i.e., the Buffalo/Niagara Falls/Rochester/Syracuse region.

Once again, BUFFALO SCREAMS will be taking place October 21st through the 24th at the Screening Room in the Northtown Plaza Business Center, 3131 Sheridan Drive, Amherst New York 14226 (which is gonna make it really easy for me to go straight from work to the festival on the 21st and 22nd, since I work just off Sheridan).  Tickets will go on sale soon at the Screening Room and at the Queen City Book Store on Main Street in Buffalo.  Daily passes will be $13; a full weekend pass will run $39, giving you one free day.

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