Brian Shirley’s Crocaloctopus

Brian Shirley’s Crocaloctopus

Brian Shirley is a very busy man these days. Not only is he creator of the geek movie and entertainment news sites, GeekTyrant and Alien Bee, but he also set to work on some film projects scheduled for 2011. Those projects include the film, Witches Playground and doing the voice of a character named GT in the web series, Astronoir: The Fixers.

The thing that is keeping Shirley really busy is his own movie titled, Crocaloctopus. The project started off as a joke at first, but it has since gained attention from Syfy, comic book publishers, as well as many other entertainment companies. To get even more attention, Shirley has started a campaign for the film geared towards Syfy and The Asylum. The campaign was launched at Dark Carnival Film Festival in Bloomington, Indiana on November 19-21. To launch his campaign Shirley used t-shirts of all things, and was even quoted on saying, “T-shirts makes the coolest business cards and what better way to start a fun campaign and have the fans wearing a Crocaloctopus shirt, it’s also just fun to say.”

The goal for Crocaloctopus is to have a Saturday night movie on Syfy or be picked up by The Asylum.

If you want to keep up with all things Crocaloctopus you can visit the creature at:


Twitter: Crocaloctopus

If you are also in the Crocaloctopus campaign t-shirt you can e-mail Brian Shirley at ( or go to

Shirts will soon be available at the GeekTyrant ( store as well. Each shirt is only $15!

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