Breaking News: Oldest Surviving Hitchcock Film Found!

Breaking News: Oldest Surviving Hitchcock Film Found!

It always does my heart good to hear of new discoveries in the world of horror especially when those discoveries were thought to be lost to time.

This week in New Zealand, a group of preservationists have found the first three reels of a six reel Alfred Hitchcock film entitled The White Shadow. The film stars Betty Compson as twin sisters, one good and one evil.

One of the remarkable things about this discovery is that the reels are nitrate print which are notorious for being very flammable with little irritation needed to catch them ablaze.

The film is dated 1924 making it the oldest Hitchcock film in existence and offers a look into the directors early work. David Sterrit, the author of The Films of Alfred Hitchcock and the chairman of The National Society of Film Critics had this to say:

“These first three reels of The White Shadow — more than half the film — offer a priceless opportunity to study [Hitchcock’s] visual and narrative ideas when they were first taking shape,”

Plans for the United States re-premiere are scheduled to be announced sometime this week.

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