Bloodmarsh Krackoon (Independent Entertainment): Cash’s Video Review…

Bloodmarsh Krackoon (Independent Entertainment): Cash’s Video Review…

bloodmarsh posterHere’s number 2 of my son’s video reviews.  This time around, we watched a movie called Bloodmarsh Krackoon.  It’s a silly no-budget monster movie set in Da’ Bronx.  We both got some good laughs out of it. The New Yawk accents alone were making me laugh.  It reminds of the occassional sketches you’d catch on various New York Hardcore albums.  Anyway, here’s what Cash thought of Bloodmarsh Krackoon…



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  1. Your son is cool, my daughter is around the same age and loves these movies.Thank you so much for the review, I laughed my ass off. The CGI blood was used as a goof, glad you got it

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