Blood Sprayer Exclusive: First Look at Mourningside Productions’ “Grayhaven”

Blood Sprayer Exclusive: First Look at Mourningside Productions’ “Grayhaven”

grayhavenThe state of Maryland is home to some of my favorite things on the planet:  My beloved Baltimore Orioles (laugh it up, assholes!),  John Waters, doom rock pioneers Pentagram, fantastic seafood, and one of indie horror’s best kept secrets, Mourningside Productions.

Last year, I received an email from a gentleman named Richard “Pleatherface” Donahue.  He wanted to send our new lil’ site a copy of his latest short film, “Behold”. Long story short, Donahue and his partner in crime, Justin Williams, took no budget and created what I considered the best short film of 2010.  In it’s minimal running time, “Behold” immediately grabs a hold of the psyche and does not let go until the credits role.  It was one that got pushed onto friends around me because these cats were onto something special.While we hadn’t heard much from Mourningside in a bit, things got a bit brighter with the announcement of their third release: “Grayhaven”.

Richard Donahue hit us up the other day and filled us in on their latest:

We have many projects in the works, but we decided to write a “Slasher” Flick in the vein of 80’s lore, especially since we both grew up during the days of Video Stores and VHS tapes.  So as you can imagine, those types of flicks are very special to us and we wanted to make something that made us feel like kids again, sitting in a basement with the lights out as we watched “Slumber Party Massacre”.

GRAYHAVEN is a tale of two sisters “Trish” played by Stephanie Ryan (The Writer) and “Megan” played by Amber Winkler, along with their best friend “Pamela” played by Nicolette le Faye (The Chainsaw Sally Show).  We also have guest appearances by Lauren Lakis (The Possession & Behold) and Daniel Baker (Behold).  It is set in a rural neighborhood during the late Winter.   Megan is going away to College and her parents are selling the house the girls were raised in so they can help pay for her tuition.  The three girls decide to spend one final night in the house before they are forced to hand over the paperwork and keys to the new owner.  Everything starts out innocently, but things begin to unravel when the “sunset casts a shadow on the neighborhood.”

This relatively new company does everything in house and have the uncanny ability to captivate their audience with atmosphere.  “Behold” proves how lethal Mourningside is in the short film format.  With that in mind, one can only guess that Grayhaven will push this company that much further.

The Blood Sprayer will be receiving exclusives on the film’s production and intend on keeping you posted on the latest news.  For more information, visit

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