Bleeding Through (2012) Review

Bleeding Through (2012) Review

Hot off the presses! Today’s review is a film I’m sure most of you have yet to hear about, Bleeding Through. It is the latest from Dayton, Ohio’s own Henrique Couto (Freak Productions). So, what exactly is this brand new independent horror film I speak of about? Why don’t we take a look.

Meet Lindsay.  At first glance she’s a fairly normal college girl, that’s obviously going through a hard time.  You see, her parents passed away, and Lindsay’s having some issues moving on with her life.  She’s still living in her childhood home that she can’t afford, while attempting to balance a dead end job with her college studies (failing at both I might add).  She’s also become a complete shut in and social outcast with nary a friend to speak of. Oh, and did I mention that she’s contemplated suicide as a means to an end. That is until she meets Katie, the outspoken, fun loving friend that perhaps Lindsay’s been looking for to help her move on with life.  After a few visits from her new friend you can start to see the life returning in Lindsay’s eyes, and she even begins to try to turn things around with her plummeting G.P.A.  Of course all good things gotta come to an end, when the local bullies continue to torture Lindsay until she must decide if this is the life she really wants to live, or if suicide really is the way out.

Okay, I know it sounds more like an after school special than a horror movie, but trust me it’s not.  The psychological horror that Lindsay goes through is very real in many a young person’s life.  This movie instantly reminded me of Carrie with the whole social outcast finally finds a friend, only in this case Lindsay isn’t struggling with her mother like Carrie did, but the inner demons that are trying to extinguish her life.  I have to give credit to the actresses Sandy Behre (Lindsay) and Ruby LaRocca (Katie) as well.  If they can’t pull off the relationship between them, the entire movie would come crashing down.  Finally, similar to Carrie the movie is kind of a slow burn  but has a final act that wallops a hell of a punch.  Even you gore hounds out there will find a little something to your liking by the time the credits roll.

A minor nitpick because that’s usually how I roll with these reviews.    A little more character development for the antagonists would’ve been nice.  I know we’re supposed to hate them, but their only scenes were drunken tomfoolery.  Would’ve been nice to perhaps see them picking on someone else in one of their scenes to give them a little more edge than they had.  On the flip side that may have been the intentions, to not make them too intimidating, just stupid.

Bleeding Through is currently being submitted for film festivals, so keep your eyes open for when and where you have a chance to see this movie.  Hopefully, proper distribution will also be announced shortly as well.  For those of you lucky enough to live in the Dayton area, the world premiere info can be found here.  If you’re familiar with the work of Henrique Couto this is by far his most ambitious film to date (that I’m familiar with at least), but I think he pulls it off quite nicely.  For those of you that have never heard of this pop culture and media wizard google or you tube his name sometime.  You’ll be busy for quite awhile.  Plus he makes a damn fine ginger ale.

Bleeding Through comes highly recommended, and as always keep independent horror alive!



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