Bleading Lady AKA Star Vehicle To Hit DVD In March

Bleading Lady AKA Star Vehicle To Hit DVD In March

Ryan Nicholson is a name that most of you should know by now. He’s the maniacal man behind the lens of such films as “Live Feed”, “Gutterballs”, and “Hanger”. Nicholson has had a new film in the making, for what seems like an eternity at this point. Originally titled “Star Vehicle”, Nicholson’s new film, “Bleading Lady”(I prefer the original title) stars Dan Ellis, a regular in Nicholson’s films, as Don, “driver to the stars”. When Don learns that his new assignment is to drive around his favorite B-movie scream queen — Riversa Red. Don is so obsessed with Red, that he assumes the role of bodyguard as well, laying waste to anyone who he feels is a threat. When Don discovers his crimson queen has a stalker, the shit really hits the fan. Riversa realizes that the man that is going out of his way to protect her, may be the very one to end her life. If Ryan’s past films have taught me anything, it’s that we can expect an exuberant amount of over-the-top gore and nudity. Nicholson’s last film, “Hanger” was so disgusting that the person I was watching it with actually vomited. I actually had a conversation with Ryan about the film while it was still in it’s infancy, and he assured me that I could expect the same level of depravity.

If you are unfamiliar with Ryan’s films, might I suggest that you begin your journey with “Gutterballs”, a flashback to the slashers of the 1980s with enough gore and nudity to make even the most seasoned gorehounds blush. “Gutterballs” is packed with references to some of the most notorious slashers of the decade, and filled to the brim with ’80s Canadian pop music. If you’ve finished everything on your plate, and you’re hungry for more, you can move on to “Hanger”. This film is in a world of it’s own. Paying homage to gritty exploitation revenge sagas, “Hanger” amps up the gore, and assaults the viewers senses with some of the most disgusting scenes ever committed to film. Somehow, it manages to do so with such lightheartedness, that even at it’s most disturbing you’ll likely find yourself amused.

Below you will find the trailer for Ryan’s new film, “Bleading Lady”. Breaking Glass Pictures’ distribution label Vicious Circle Films is unleashing the DVD in March. Special Features on the disc include; “Behind the Wheel: The Making of ‘Bleading Lady’”, “Left Coast TV Presents: On the Set of ‘Bleading Lady’”, eight deleted scenes, an alternate opening, and a commentary track featuring director Ryan Nicholson, and Dan Ellis. If you want to get the DVD on the cheap, Breaking Glass Pictures is giving discounts to celebrate their successful first year of operation. Visit and enter the promo code “FANS1” to get $5.00 off of your order total.

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