Black Devil Doll (Lowest Common Denominator Entertainment)

Black Devil Doll (Lowest Common Denominator Entertainment)

BDD PosterIt’d be a tragedy if blaxploitation hadn’t ever existed.  Had we not had all those amazing films, we wouldn’t have a reason for films like Black Devil Doll to exist.  THANK GOD this movie exists!!!!The story is as old as time: A former Black Panther/serial killer is executed for murdering white bitches but his soul is reborn in a marionette doll, owned by a big-breasted young woman and is set loose on her and her slutty friends to rape and kill once again.  Seems plausible enough for me!!!  His return and acts of revenge are unorthodox to say the least.  Everything from bathtub electrocution to strangulation is used to fulfill his prophecy…and it’s done with some style, baby.

black devil cokeBlack Devil Doll, is gruesome, perverted, offensive and all other adjectives used to describe top shelf exploitation.  I found myself laughing out loud and HARD as each scene played out in all its obnoxious glory.  No hole is safe from his dick of death (including a white rapper ex-boyfriend of our well endowed heroine) and no murder is too crazy.  EVERYONE must die!!!  And while the lady may have gotten hip to his dealings at the end, you can’t keep a bad ass muthafucka down!black devil doll kill

For anyone who fancies themself a fan of the offensive and insane, this is a twelve thumbs up reccommendation.  BDD is a movie I’ve told many a friend to make a point to watch.  Boobs, blood, cuss words, racial stereotypes and a kick ass score courtesy of Giallo’s Flame give Black Devil Doll a boatload of edge over some of it’s competion.  With so many film maker’s trying to replicate the bygone era of 42nd St., it’s nice to find some dudes who wanna pay homage while poking fun at all the stupidity that spilled forth from the era.  I’ve heard that their will be a sequel to this film so until that day arrives, I have this delicious nugget to tide me over. So, please head my advice and pick this beast up!  Any film that features the line “I eat white butt” has got to be worth 90 minutes of your day, right?!

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