Bizarro Au Go-Go: Cig Neutron and Rannie Rodil’s Filthy World

Bizarro Au Go-Go: Cig Neutron and Rannie Rodil’s Filthy World

bizarrocovercropflatsIf I had a good way of explaining the artwork compiled by effects artist/sculptor Cig Neutron and photographer Rannie Rodil, I would.  But no matter how many adjectives I pile up, it will never fully do justice to the menagerie of perversions lovingly put together in one 88-page freakfest called FanVixens In: Bizarro Au Go-Go.

Imagine this:  The gals from Frankenhooker drinking/fighting/fucking the creatures from the Star Wars cantina after they did a bunch of coke and got tossed out.  They found some weird flophouse where The Cramps were playing with GG Allin in front of an audience of professional wrestlers, amputees, and vomiting radiation victims.  The end result was a blood orgy sacrifice offered up to a deity who daylights as a godless pornographer.  If you can somehow concoct that visual in your head, then you’re getting near the same ballpark that Bizarre Au Go-Go plays in…but again, I am still not fully doing justice to it.

Neutron and Rodil combined their immense talents into a book that lives left of the dial.  There aren’t your average scenarios being played out on these pages.  Instead, the idea of beauty get turned every which way but normal, making for a hilarious and grotesque final product.  There’s nothing quite like it out there right now, and considering all the hard work poured into it by the creators, we thought we’d share a bit with you here:



Some dudes just lose their head over a woman!



What's NOT to like about a book with photos like this?!!



Gotta be better than the Amityville Horror remake was, right?



Hey Tokyo Gore Police...I smell a sequel!!


See what we were saying?  Your average coffee table book, this ain’t.  Bizarro Au Go-Go is now available for order for only $20 on the website, and while you’re there, check out the links to the Fan Vixens and Cig Neutron websites.  This will keep you up to date on the book, it’s creators, and any other perverse happenings headed out of their camp.  Fans of the absurd, eccentric, and sick…order a copy NOW!!!!


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