Bits and Bytes Video Game Preview: Alan Wake

Bits and Bytes Video Game Preview: Alan Wake

Alan Wake is an action-thriller-survival horror game coming exclusively to the XBOX 360 on May 18th.  Over 5 years in the making, Alan Wake is presented in an episodic format with a television-style presentation.  The story puts you in the shoes of Alan Wake, an author with a severe case of writer’s block.  His wife, Alice, brings him to the idyllic small town of Bright Falls to recover his creative flow (yeah, that would work wonders in real life…a get-away with the old ball and chain to get the creative juices flowin’.) When she vanishes without a trace, Wake finds himself trapped in a nightmare. Word by word, his latest work – a thriller he cannot even remember writing – is coming true before his eyes.  The use of light and dark plays a significant role in the game’s combat; enemies grow stronger as darkness falls but weaken when exposed to light.  The game itself pulls heavily from such influences such as Stephen King, Twin Peaks/David Lynch, and the X-Files.

Microsoft is betting they have a sure-fire hit on their hands and are pulling out all the stops to promote this thriller.  The first two chapters of a live action prequel entitled “Bright Falls” have been posted online today on the New York Times website, introducing players to the town of Bright Falls and its colorful inhabitants.  Click below to check the videos, let your excitement spill over your chin, and look for the review next month.

Bright Falls Chapter 1

Bright Falls Chapter 2

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