Bath Salt Zombies (2013) Review

Bath Salt Zombies (2013) Review

So here it is, February and we are about to get our second release from director Dustin Mills. Hot off last months phenomenal DVD release of Night of the Tentacles, he is back with the DVD release of his fourth film, Bath Salt Zombies.  Can Dustin keep up the impressive streak of solid micro-budgeted gold he has released so far?

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The movie opens with an animation prologue shot like an educational film describing exactly what bath salts are, and how dangerous they can be if abused.  After the prologue, we are in New York City where we meet Richie and his girlfriend.  After a brief argument over who finished up all their drugs, Richie heads out to find some bath salts.  He runs into local dealer Bubbles, who is offering up a new designer version of bath salts in cigarette form.  When offered to Richie at the right price (“the first pack’s on me”) he quickly takes them and heads over to a friends house to get high before he has to share with his girl.  While high, Richie snaps into a cannibalistic craze and kills his beautifully naked friend, and eats her face!

Meanwhile Agent Forster of the DEA is taking down the large drug conglomerate in town, The Dragons.  After making his big bust, he catches Richie in an alley with another of his cigarettes.  He takes it and after testing it he finds out that it is a military grade hallucinogen and is on a one man mission to get them off the streets.  But can he catch up with Richie before he smokes his way through most of his friends?

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There is a lot to love in Bath Salt Zombies.  First and foremost, it is a gore soaked good time!  The blood and guts are flying fast and furious throughout the manic 70 minute pace!  A special shout out to one death scene in particular that made me bounce off the couch in enjoyment, and would make Jason Voorhees jealous!  Also, like most Dustin Mills flicks, it is stacked with plenty of tits and ass for those of you that like to partake.  Finally, I will say that the cast does another fantastic job.  Sprinkled with regulars (Josh Eal, Jackie McKown, Ethan Holey, Dustin and his dog Charlie, and once again the star of the show Brandon Salkil) they once again know how to put together a hell of a show!  Oh, and the animated opening is hilarious!

I do want to mention to all you gore hounds out there, that even with the huge amount of death and carnage, this movie is much less a horror movie than what I would call a gonzo fantasy action movie more akin to something I’d see from Takashi Miike than George Romero.  Don’t get me wrong, I love both directors, just don’t go into Bath Salt Zombies looking for something frightening, watch it instead for the over the top action and comedy (especially the final act when things get a bit trippy).

Also keep in mind that Dustin and producer Clint Weiler took a million dollar idea, and made it for around $5000!  While I personally would have preferred the ending to be a little less green screen and a little more practical, it’s hard to do as much with as little as Dustin and Clint did.  I mean Toledo is a poor substitute for New York after all!

What can I say?  Someone pay the man!  Dustin has proven time and again that he can do so much with so little, that it’s time to see what he can really do when he’s got some green in his budget!  Bath Salt Zombies is once again a ton of fun, and it’s a new vision from Dustin that is less horror and more zany action/comedy.  Look for Bath Salt Zombies on DVD tomorrow, February 19th from MVD  Entertainment Group.

Wonder what Dustin will release next month??

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