American Horror Story Recap and Review Ep. 10

American Horror Story Recap and Review Ep. 10

Never have my emotions have been toyed with as much as with this week’s American Horror Story: Asylum!


I’m having a bit of trouble going through things in the order they happened, so we’ll go with more character centric descriptions.


The Monsignor is alive! Hooray! Turns out the Angel of Death could not take him. He had more work to do. He must cast out the Devil from Mary Eunice. She ends up raping him. Eventually, he overcomes her in a moment of clarity. Mary Eunice, not Satan, breaks through for a moment, and the Monsignor throws her from the third floor, killing her. The Angel of Death gives her the kiss, stating that she’s releasing them both, the Devil and Mary Eunice.


Grace is back, and Pepper is in charge of her. Pepper belittles Arden a bit, telling him that he cannot do anything to harm Grace. She’s protected. Grace gives birth.


Dr. Thredson has been given a full time position at the asylum. Attempting to get the taped confession from Kit, he threatens Grace and the baby. However, Lana has already moved the location of the tape to not only protect herself and Thredson’s baby, but also to protect Kit.


To wrap it all up, Jude, who has been electroshock therapy’d, has lost about the last 2 months of her memory. She talks to the Mother Superior to tell her to save Lana. She tells her that it’s her fault that she’s there.


Arden decides that the best way to get rid of Mary Eunice’s body is by cremation. The devil has penetrated every cell of her body and it must be destroyed. As he starts up the furnace, he climbs on top of her, and rides it in with her.


So Mary Eunice and Arden are dead. Well, at least they’re burned up. Jude is almost completely brain dead. Kit and Grace are with child. And Lana has everything going for her.


Do you think Mary Eunice’s body is really going to be destroyed? Who else felt bad for Arden? And will the Monsignor ever become Pope?!


We’ve been unable to post for a little while. Hopefully this is the first of many many articles to come!

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