American Horror Story Asylum Ep. 6 Recap and Review

American Horror Story Asylum Ep. 6 Recap and Review

Oedipus complexes, Murderous Monsignors, and Killer Children! All in store for this week’s American Horror Story Asylum!

Bloody Face (Present Day) calls 911 to report the three dead “imposters.” He didn’t kill Leo, but the three phony Bloody Faces are his doing. After finding Leo, the officers realize that he’s a newlywed after talking to his sister. Where’s Teresa? Of course she’s on a slab with Bloody Face.

A little girl is brought to Briarcliff. It’s revealed by her mother that she killed another little girl but covered it up when she talked to police. Mom abandons her at Briarcliff, so Mary Eunice pals around with her. She tells her that the other little girl deserved it. Also, that she’s smarter than everyone else, and just needs to learn to defend herself. She ends up going home and murdering her siblings and mom, with the same cover up story as before.

Thredson explains to Lana that he basically has some mommy issues. She abandoned him at a young age and he never really knew a motherly touch. So he learned about his disorder. He studied psychology. He learned about skin when he first encountered a cadaver. And it only furthered his craving for touch. So he had to take the skin when it was fresh. Warm. But now, Lana is here. So he doesn’t need to take skin. He has a mommy now. Kit’s also in prison, pissed off that Thredson ratted him out.

Monsignor Howard kills Shelly in the hospital when he is supposed to give her Last Rites. Confronting Arden, we learn that Howard had given Arden free reign when it came to patients and testing. To create an immune booster. The problem is that it completely takes away most of the humanity in the humans it’s tested on. Howard has to fire Sister Jude. She’s the only real threat to their operations, since Howard does not want to reveal himself and potentially go to prison for the atrocities at Briarcliff. Oh yeah totally forgot that Arden is almost certainly a Nazi. All we need is a fingerprint.

Before Jude leaves, she has a glass of brandy with Arden. For the fingerprint. Meanwhile, Mary Eunice has found out about the Nazi hunter, and goes to kill him. Jude walks in with the final piece of evidence to find him dead.

The whole episode ends with the bit about the future Bloody Face having Mrs. Adam Levine held captive.

So how old is future Bloody Face? Will Kit escape the electric chair? Will Jude really have to go to Pittsburgh to run a home for wayward girls? I LOVE DR THREDSON / BLOODY FACE. I love him more than Tate in the first season of AHS. What about you guys? Opinions? Comment away here or on The Blood Sprayer’s Facebook page!

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