American Horror Story: Asylum Ep. 3- Recap and Review!

American Horror Story: Asylum Ep. 3- Recap and Review!

Slutty women, zombies and big green men! All in a night’s work for this week’s American Horror Story: Asylum!


We start off in the present day. Theresa’s trying to get away from Bloody Face who has just stabbed Leo to death. Surprise surprise! He’s not dead. He knocks Bloody Face over and Theresa stabs him. As they run out through the asylum together, two more masked men pop out and shoot them. Dead. They take off their masks and remark about how they shouldn’t have killed their friend, but the one sure as hell got a kick out of them dying. Leo’s arm is ripped off, I wonder what did that? Oh hey, real Bloody Face!


Sister Jude’s dealing with some real emotional stuff. Remember that we found out she hit and killed a little girl? It’s starting to haunt her. A newspaper shows up in the mail from after the girl was killed. Seems she was never found. But this paper is 15 years old. Sister Mary Eunice, aka Beelzebub himself, is now turning everyone against each other. She wears red lipstick and tells Jude that Dr Arden told her she would like it. She kills “the Mexican,” as it’s pretty apparent that she’s the only one who sees Mary Eunice for what she is. Jude’s on the paranoia trail, thinking that Arden is trying to overthrow her, Dr. Thredson is manipulating her, and the patients are all out to get her as well. Dr Arden, meanwhile, is investigating that little chip that came out of Kit’s neck in the first episode. It’s attracted to Kit. Almost magnetically. Arden also asks Kit who he’s working for. My suspicions that he may be a Nazi war criminal are given more backing.

Sister Mary Eunice, again, she’s the fucking devil, approaches Arden later. In a scene almost too hot for basic cable, she tries to seduce him using some pretty intense language (read: juicy.) He calls her a whore. Lana is trying to get a message out to Wendy, the lesbian schoolteacher lover. She’s dead, remember? When Dr. Thredson goes to deliver the message, he finds some blood spots, and fears that maybe Kit isn’t Bloody Face after all. She decides that during their movie screening, (to distract from the huge storm coming through,) that she will try to escape, and this time she’s totally okay with working alongside Kit and Grace. Since, you know, he’s not a murderer of women. Before the film, Jude gets drunk, tormented by her past. It’s this drunken state that provides an out for the three amigos plus Shelly the nymphomaniac. When an orderly shows up, Shelly provides the distraction (blowjob) for the others to get out. Dr Arden defaces a statue of the Virgin Mary, and throws it to the ground, calling her a whore.

This is where I have to split the story a bit. These things are happening simultaneously, but to keep their stories straight, it’s going to be separate.


Kit, Grace and Lana are running out of the tunnel to freedom. They make it to the woods, and find the Mexican’s body. Ripped to shreds. Running away from the asylum, they finally find “the creatures” we’ve heard so much about from Arden and Mary Eunice. Are they human? Are they mutated? Whatever, they look and act like zombies. They are chased back into the asylum and into the movie screening. Jude says there are three charges missing- the Mexican, the “pinhead” and Shelly. They got off the hook this time. Oh yeah, Sister Jude runs into an alien in the hallways? Maybe that’s the other thing Arden’s been hiding.


At the same time, Arden has, I guess captured is the best word, Shelly. He tries to rape her, but can’t perform. He hits her over the head with a paperweight and she wakes up a little bit later. He tells her that Jude still thinks she’s missing. That she was a bird that tried to fly away. So he had to clip her wings. And now that Sister Jude thinks she’s escaped, no one will be looking for her. Zoom out. That his surgical skills are excellent. Her legs are amputated above the knee. She won’t be escaping any time soon.


Oh what a brilliant ending to a very intense episode. I’m starting to like Arden more and more. He’s just so evil that it transcends villainy. It’s real human evil. I’m not quite sure how to feel about the aliens and zombies yet, but I’m sure we’ll get some better explanations. How about you guys? How do you feel about graphic on screen blowjibbers? Is Jude actually being haunted, or is it all Mary Eunice’s doing? All I can say is that I want more Bloody Face, more Arden, and more Monsignor Howard (who doesn’t appear in this episode.) Let’s hear what your opinions are on the whole thing! Comment here, or on The Bloodsprayer’s Facebook Page!

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