American Horror Story: Asylum Ep. 2 Recap and Review!

American Horror Story: Asylum Ep. 2 Recap and Review!

So I was trying to think of a name for people who follow my column here on The Bloodsprayer. AHShats? Asylumps? Who knows? We’re back after another riveting episode, this time revolving around an exorcism.


When we last left off, Theresa had just run into Bloody Face himself stalking the corridors of the abandoned asylum. He chases her for a bit and she tries to drag Leo into a room, but Bloody Face grabs him, and she locks herself in the room. Bloody Face then stabs Leo repeatedly in the chest, and after he’s good and holey, begins pounding on the door. This jump cuts to 1964, where Clea Duvall’s character, the lesbian school teacher who puts Lana in the asylum, is sitting talking with some friends. Turns out some trick or treaters showed up a night early, and that was the knock at the door. She’s determined to make things right for what she’s done. That is, up until the point where Bloody Face comes into her house and murders her. Hey! We’re back in the asylum. Turns out Lana has been writing things on small scraps of paper so she won’t forget them, and Sister Jude decides to make her forget. Hooray for electroshock therapy! Zachary Quinto’s character, Dr. Oliver Thredson also makes his first appearance. He is the psychiatrist sent to evaluate Kit’s sanity to see if he is fit to stand trial. First impression? Kit’s insane. The alien talk certainly didn’t help your case there buddy. There’s a boy being brought to the asylum. Name’s Jedd. Apparently he gutted a cow and ate the heart. Spoke in tongues and whatnot. Typical possession shit. So they bring in the exorcist. Cue Tubular Bells. Nah just kidding.

Exorcism is going as planned, but then the demon throws the exorcist across the room. We find out he’s going to be given his Last Rites. So who should watch over the boy for a moment? Sister Jude. Jedd starts revealing some of her secrets. Turns out she was quite the dish in her day. Singing, dancing with young men, drinking- the whole nine yards. She was driving home drunk and hit a little girl. Never even got out of the car. Cat’s out of the bag Sister Jude! You trollop! That’s a word, right? Trollop. Anyways, the Monsignor has to remove her from the room to stop attacking Jedd. Meanwhile, two other stories are going on. We have Dr. Arden who has invited an escort to his home. They are going to have dinner. He makes several references to how she is brave to have come over, you know, with a killer of women out and about. This is while he slices a nice roast, of course. It seems he is a man of fine taste, but also a man of dark secrets.

She finds a box containing pictures of women in various states of undress. Then a few of women tied up. Then a few of- OH FUCK THEY’RE ALL MUTILATED. He runs into the room and makes her get on the bed. She bites him, however and escapes as he’s left in pain on the floor. Jump back into the asylum. Lana has told Grace that she knows of a way out of the asylum. Grace wants Kit to be able to come, but Lana will not let him. Kit ends up protecting Lana by taking the notes she had written so she would not be caught with them. Jedd dies. Seems the exorcism has taken its toll on his body. In the last bit of movement from his body, the demon leaves, and the shockwave puts out the power in the asylum. Sister Mary Eunice faints. Lana and Grace come out of their rooms to see that this is their chance. When Kit tries to come too, Lana yells for guards to take him. The next day Lana is told that for helping to make sure the others did not escape, she is to be rewarded. She gets to pick out the cane and watch Kit and Grace get beaten. Kit takes full responsibility for Grace’s actions, and will be caned for the both of them. Sister Mary Eunice is sleeping in the infirmary, and here comes Dr. Arden. He preserves her modesty by pulling down her dress, and there’s a change in her attitude when she speaks to him. She’s no longer fragile and tearful. More confidant. After Arden leaves, she throws off the covers, and the crucifix falls off the wall, signifying that the demon has entered her.


This episode was intense. The exorcism particularly. Seeing everyone’s secrets revealed was pretty cool, but we didn’t get quite everyone. I’m excited to see how the Mary Eunice possession plays out. Hopefully Arden gets some just desserts for the women he may or may not have killed. It’s shaping up to be a pretty good season. Is anyone else noticing possible ties to the original season? Maybe some hostility between characters? Still not enough Monsignor Howard for my tastes, and not enough Kit, as weird as that seems. I’m sure the creators want us to root for Kit and Sister Jude, but I want to root for the villains! Anyone who knows me, and anyone in the horror fandom, knows we want the villain to win. My biggest problem is that the villains are so undefined. And when they are defined, they’re so damn evil that I can’t get behind them. Typical horror stuff? Yes. Written in a beautiful way that makes me hungry for more? Absolutely. Join me next week for the recap and discussion here, and on The Bloodsprayer’s Facebook Page!

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