American Horror Story: Asylum Ep. 11/12 Recap and Review

American Horror Story: Asylum Ep. 11/12 Recap and Review

Far too much information, and a whole lot of boobie suckling on these two episodes!

Episode 11


Grace and Kit are happy with their new baby. Kit asks about how the baby grew so fast. Turns out time goes a lot differently “up there.” Grace tells Kit that Alma is dead, and he proposes to her. The Monsignor has the baby taken away however, when it is realized that two mental patients cannot raise a child.


Mother Claudia helps Lana escape from the asylum with her patient file and the taped confession of Thredson. She later goes to his home and waits for him. The last thing she wants from him is to know what he did with Wendy’s body. While describing it, he also states that he’ll never go to prison because he’ll just plead insanity. As he reaches for the gun in his drawer, she shoots him, killing him.



Jude / Judy causes a commotion, telling all the other patients not to take their medications. She no longer respects the Monsignor, since, well, he was TOTALLY okay with having the devil under his employment.


Kit gets to leave, since the taped confession of Thredson has gotten to the police. He convinces the Monsignor to let Grace leave, telling him that technically, she’s dead. Arden signed the paperwork and everything. They arrive at Kit’s home to find Alma, alive and well, and holding another baby.


Lana cannot go through with an abortion for her rape-baby. Reluctantly, she nurses the crying child in the hospital. Also, when she returns to Briarcliff to free Jude, she is told that Jude hanged herself. She didn’t though. She’s just hanging out in solitary.


Oh yeah, and modern day Bloody Face, Johnny, definitely has some mommy issues.


Episode 12



Before he leaves Briarcliff, the Monsignor tells Jude that he has wronged her, and will get her out. He’s been appointed Cardinal of New York.


Kit’s dealing with having two wives and two babies. Not for long though. Alma kills Grace with an axe.


Briarcliff is going to be used as an overflow for the local prison. A woman who looks a lot like the Angel of Death is Jude’s roommate. After one particular attack however, it is shown that she was just hallucinating. She’s gone through 5 roommates in the last two years. But the Angel of Death was only there for a few days? Nope. It’s been two and a half years since the Monsignor told Jude he’d get her out. Pepper’s dead. And the Monsignor has fallen through on his promise.


Lana is doing book signings for her book about her ordeal with Thredson. She imagines both Thredson and Wendy accusing her of lying to sell more books. Kit comes forward for the book signing, and tells her of all the bad things that have happened. The truth about Jude. Alma’s death in the asylum. The overall decline of Briarcliff. And even though he hopes this will help her to get Briarcliff shut down, it doesn’t work.


And Johnny is trying to find a copy of his mother’s book. To fulfill his father’s legacy and kill his mother.


So what are everyone’s opinions on the lead up to the finale? Personally, I’m not as much of a fan of this season as the first. The pacing is difficult. Everything seems much more rushed at the end here. I still love the characters. Falchuk and Murphy really know how to make a villain. Can they wrap everything up proper though? Stay tuned.

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