An American Ghost Story (Breaking Glass Pictures 2013)

An American Ghost Story (Breaking Glass Pictures 2013)


An American Ghost Story is just as the title suggests. A man and woman move into a house that the previous owners were involved in a double murder suicide. He’s looking for his big break writing about his paranormal experiences in the house. Things start to get a little crazy when the experiences they’re having start to threaten their lives.



It’s pretty much a cookie cutter story. Ghosts. Mysterious circumstances. Surviving previous tenants who reveal more sinister goings on. In fact, I was pretty sure that I saw this movie already- SINISTER. A writer who is doing a book about a haunted house? Really guys? The story completely falls short. I wasn’t interested. It was quite a struggle to make it all the way through.


Dammit, I wanted the story to be better. I really did, because the acting is fantastic for what it is. There is a very small cast-less than 10 actors. With a small cast, you have to have a stellar performance from everyone. Without this, the film feels lopsided. But cast members brought their A-game. Bravo.


There is no gore. No blood. No real violence at all. This is where the film really shines. Sheet ghosts. Ridiculous concept, but it is executed very well. I found myself searching for sheets in scenes just to try to predict a scare. But they can be misleading. There’s a scene with the main character running around the house with a sheet trying to find the ghost. It’s a pretty good scare when he finally finds it.


The only thing that killed this movie was the sub par story. If we had a little better writing, this would be among the slow burn greats. But the story is bad. So it isn’t great. But if you’re a fan of that slow burn style, this film may be right up your alley.


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