Can we all just agree to give Jason Trost a bigger budget?


All Superheroes Must Die is an action / horror flick from the aforementioned director. Coming from a family of effects artists and designers, it’s easy to see where his inspiration blossomed. Four superheroes wake up in a semi-abandoned town. Stripped of their powers by their nemesis Rickshaw (The excellent James Remar, of Dexter and The Warriors fame,) the must play his game to keep the hundred or so innocent civilians in the town alive. What follows is a tale of ethics, love, and explosions that will keep you guessing what’s next.


Wow. Just wow. I was familiar with Trost’s earlier picture, The FP, which is essentially about gang battles via Dance Dance Revolution. I knew he had vision. I knew he could write. But I didn’t know just how into this movie I’d get. A combination of Saw-esque manipulation with the sort of moral questions we only touch on in major superhero movies presents an awesome story that could only have been better if they’d had more time and money.


I will gripe about the acting a bit. It was pretty clear who your leads are very quickly into the film. I won’t spoil anything, but I wasn’t terribly upset when the first hero dies. Bland. A lack of real emotion. That’s what I got from him. As for the rest of the cast, fantastic. Lucas Till is great as Cutthroat. I’m sure Trost covers his one eye to prevent you from looking at it (he’s blind in his right eye,) but I was so distracted by the fact that it was covered; it led me to find out that last tidbit.


For a low budget flick, it didn’t disappoint. Costumes, effects and settings made it apparent that they weren’t shooting a Hollywood blockbuster, but that didn’t matter. A great story, mostly great acting, and awesome directing made this a film I’d gladly add to my shelf. It’s in stores now, so make sure to grab yourself a copy.


But really. Give Jason Trost more money.

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