Alex Winter has a DEATH WISH in Chicago!

Alex Winter has a DEATH WISH in Chicago!

Charles Bronson reloads and returns to silver screen February 2nd as the latest entry into the New Cult Canon presented by the Music Box Theater in Chicago. This will be a special screening of the 1985 classic Death Wish 3 where our favorite mustached vigilante cleans up the crime-ridden streets with an arsenal as absurd and grandiose as the film itself.

The screening starts at 7:30pm, but to lubricate your senses properly before hand, a pre-party at Blue Bayou, located right across the street from the Music Box, kicks off at 5:30 p.m. Following the screening there will be a Q & A session with Alex Winter who played one of the street punks that terrorize the film. Death Wish 3 was one of Alex’s earliest roles that was followed by The Lost Boys, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Freaked and more. Here’s hoping that more information will be released regarding Winter’s current directing efforts with the 3-D remake of 1987’s The Gate.

Click here for more information about this event.

Be sure to check out the other Midnight Movies screening at the Music Box Theater including Gone With The Pope, The Room, Tetsuo: The Bullet Man, and Rolling Thunder.

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  1. ‘Death Wish 3’ was released in 1985, not 1974. You’re thinking of the first film.

  2. Thanks for the sharp eye Buzzkill, I made the correction. This is what happens without adult supervision…

  3. If I were in the Chicago area, I would totally see this. This reminds me…I went over to my Grandpa’s house to visit not too long ago, and guess what he was watching? Death Wish 3. That makes me very happy.

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