A Slime to Help: The Slime City Benefit Event

A Slime to Help: The Slime City Benefit Event

Greetings, readers.  As you may recall (from my seemingly-endless blathering) Greg Lamberson hosted a charity screening of SLIME CITY and SLIME CITY MASSACRE this past Monday, May 9th, 2011, along with a raffle, with all proceeds going to the medical bills of Benjamin Heppel, a local boy with Leukemia.  I wanted to write this up last night, but somehow after the event I failed to fall asleep at all, and 36+ hours without sleep is not conducive to me getting coherent writing done.  And since I (and I’m sure, Greg as well) would like this to be read, I figured it couldn’t hurt to let it wait a day.  So, without further ado, I present my recollection of the night.

My good friend Dan drove in from Rochester for the event, and my sister tagged along as well.  We arrived at the Market Arcade theater with about ten minutes to spare, did some mingling, picked up goodie bags containing novels (provided by Medallion Press), comic books, pins and the Cult Goddess 3-D CD-ROM, and were then herded into the theater.  Greg started the show with a give-away — Arick Szymecki, one of the special effects guys, and Jennifer Bihl (Alexa from SLIME CITY MASSACRE) distributed T-shirts from Fright Rags (Arick balling them up and throwing them as hard as he could, fastball style, once the hecklers in the back of the theater started commenting on his throwing ability) and DVD copies of the locally-made film BORN TO DIE.  Greg also had them distributing signed 8x10s of Debbie Rochon and Scream Queen Brooke Lewis (both of whom appear in SLIME CITY MASSACRE) and two coupons for free Tarot readings from Sephera Giron (a local horror/erotica author and actress, who appeared in SLIME CITY MASSACRE as well) — by means of having Arick and Jennifer cover their eyes and use their “psychic powers” to determine who the coupons should go to, and resulting in Arick making an impressive pratfall over a seat.

After this, we watched the original SLIME CITY, with a fair amount of riffing from the audience, though not raucously so.  Most of the comments seemed to be muttered for the amusement of nearby attendees, though I think a comment Dan made about the character Alex having “Charlie Sheen’s Pleasure Box” in his closet might have been circulated beyond our immediate vicinity.

Following SLIME CITY Greg held the “Non-Horror Raffle,” giving away items such as a signed Buffalo Bills lithograph, gift baskets for massages and “chocolate facials,” (we all snickered too) etc.  One of the high points of the night was during the Non-Horror Raffle, as Greg raffled a one of a kind piece of jewelry, a pendant made from a recycled drumkit cymbal by John Harris of JPHii Jewelry, bearing the SCM title.  John also made a singular piece for Benjamin in the image of an Egyptian Ankh, which he presented to Benjamin’s parents for him.  It was a really touching moment, and the whole audience was silent as the grave for it.

SLIME CITY MASSACRE was screened next, and having seen it a couple times now, I found myself enjoying audience reactions as much as the film itself, listening to the gasps and giggles as the Torso-Cunt and Ol’ Bottle-Eyes were revealed.

Finally, the Horror Raffle.  Signed DVDs, signed books donated by roughly a dozen authors, prop-replicas, Fangoria back-issues, all were given away.  Amusingly, a “Winner’s Circle” of people who’d bought a large number of tickets soon cropped up as they won again and again — among them Sam Qualiana, the man/driving force behind SNOW SHARK: ANCIENT SNOW BEAST, Arick Szymecki, an older gent sitting in the back whose name I didn’t catch, and myself.  Sam went home with so many items that midway through the raffle people began to good-naturedly heckle; “Sam, are you opening a lending library?” “Who wants to help me jump Sam in the parking lot?”

Myself, I went home with an autographed copy of Michael Louis Calvillo’s short story collection Blood and Gristle; a Shock-O-Rama Horror Collection DVD signed by Brett Piper, containing four of his films; a copy of STREET TRASH signed by writer Roy Frumkes (who also appeared in SLIME CITY MASSACRE, as unscrupulous land-developer Ronald Crump!) and a copy of the novel Carnival of Fear by JG Faherty, autographed by the author.  But more importantly, I walked away with the feeling of doing some real good for someone in need.  Greg raised at least $1600 for Benjamin’s medical funds.

And as a reminder, SLIME CITY MASSACRE is available on DVD NOW, having gone on sale this past Tuesday.  My copy, pre-ordered months ago, arrived today.

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