A Review: Bucks County Massacre

A Review: Bucks County Massacre

I can’t believe the police would allow this film to be distributed. A plain and simple, a person dying on camera is not only disgusting, but also extremely offensive to the families of those deceased. I know legal action has been taken against the police and the filmmakers, and therefore I refuse to review this film. My apologies.


So Wes just informed me that this is just a movie. Well shit. It’s pretty damn believable I guess.


Bucks County Massacre, the latest from Brain Damage Films, is on my lips lately. Honestly, I’d kiss it if I could. The makers are calling it “The Blair Witch meets Paranormal Activity at Cloverfield!” They couldn’t have said it better themselves. Or wait. They did. Regardless, it’s a great film.


“Found footage” seems to be the latest craze, and it works crazy well. Will’s 25th birthday party is supposed to be a night of drinking and debauchery but turns sour when one partygoer goes missing after taking a phone call outside. Throughout the rest of the film, someone, or something picks off the friends, leading up to a climax that is well worth the wait.


The heavily wooded area around the house makes for a great set piece. The darkness plays tricks on your eyes, and snapping twigs and moving branches make you unsure of who or what has taken their friend. I’m always a fan of films that take advantage of the “less is more” mentality of showing your monster or villain. And let me tell you, LESS IS MORE. With less than 10 minutes of actual screen time, you start wondering exactly what is after them.


The effects were easily my favorite part of the film. When you’re making something low budget, good effects are a must. Often we’ll see a cheap effect and it breaks the movie. Not here. We’re treated with a disembowelment about halfway through the film, and it’s a doozie. The gruesome scene takes you off guard. A few seconds of sticks, twigs and trees followed by a full screen shot of a man’s innards took me aback. I smiled. It was that good.


My only real issue with the film was the interview sections. It’s set up like a documentary, so in between shots of the party we have interviews with the victims’ parents and families. We have some quality acting, and then some not-so-quality acting. It severed my immersion into the film. But other than that I had no complaints.


Bucks County Massacre will be released on DVD on September 4th. Pick it up. There’s a reason it won the 2011 New Hope Film Festival Audience Choice Award. If you like the films I mentioned earlier, it’s just as believable, and just as fun.

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  1. I agree, the Bucks County Massacre was just as good if not better than Paranormal Activity and the Blair Witch Project. The reason I liked it so much is because I believed it, and because it wasn’t just a gore fest, i truly felt bad for the people who died in the movie. This movie deserves to be seen by the world, so if you want to see the best “found footage” movie of them all, download or buy this movie ASAP!

  2. I heard a lot of crazy stories about Bucks County PA this looks really good.

  3. The actors (male) are dorky looking.

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