A Picture for Posterity: The Horrific Photography of April A.Taylor

A Picture for Posterity: The Horrific Photography of April A.Taylor

Art by its very nature, is meant to be provocative.  Whether it’s beautiful, sexual, or even gruesome, art’s sole purpose is to garner reaction from its audience.  Photographer April A. Taylor has found a way to make her horror-based photos all of the adjectives listed above. 

Taylor’s photography has taken her all over the country, winning audiences the entire way.  Her work has caught the attention of everyone from the art community, to horror’s finest faces (including Lisa Wilcox, from Nightmare on Elm Street 4 & 5).  Naturally, The Blood Sprayer was going to sink our claws into her work, as it encompasses several themes that we love. 

At first glance, her Dark Art Series is indicative of the stuff horror dreams are made of.  You find yourself immersed into central themes from the genre’s template:  Zombies, backwoods killers, fairytales gone wrong, post-apocalyptic ruin, etc.  But upon further inspection, peeling back the layers of Taylor’s work unveils more intricacies than can be seen at a mere glance.  You’ll find visions of suffering, beauty, despair, death, and anxiety revealing themselves to you.  April Taylor’s work isn’t just fun for horror fans-it’s art photography with heart.

Because we find her work so appealing, we’ve decided to not only share a few of her pieces, but Ms. Taylor has been kind enough to offer a print of one of her newest pieces for one of YOU lucky Blood Sprayer readers to win!!!!  Could things be any cooler??  Probably not, but until we figure out how to make it cooler, we’ll just share some favorites of ours with you…


A Twisted Fairytale featuring The Princess of Decay: Every little girl dreams of being a princess.  You know, the crown, the dress, the fairy godmother-the whole nine yards.  But this princess has a sicker disposition than most…who wants to put a glass shoe on her foot, huh?  $49.00


Victim’s View (Evan’s City Cemetery, filming location of Night of The Living Dead):  We only saw things through the eyes of the living during this midnight movie classic.  April Taylor had other plans in mind.  Ever wonder what it looked like from Bill Hinzman’s point of view?  Well, wonder no more.  He WAS coming to get Barbara, after all. (no retail price listed, but you can contact her for prices on prints not listed)


Always Change Your Locks (A Cautionary Tale):  In what has become my favorite of her sessions, Taylor captures the heart of “Psycho” and melds it together with the liner photos of the Murder City Devils’ album “In Name and Blood”.  There’s a timeless horror movie quality to these photos that will appeal to all genre geeks!  $49.00


The Post-Apocalyptic Princess:  It’s the end of the world, kids.  Things have gotten sort of weird and we need a new regime…perhaps some royalty? She’ll maintain our kingdom and she’s delving out masks for all!!!  $49.00

Now, I’m almost certain that you’ve fallen in love with April A. Taylor’s photography like we have.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  We’ve only given you a tiny glimpse of what you can find coming from her.  To see the full sets from the above photo sessions, make sure you visit www.aprilataylor.com and check out what other cool stuff she has to offer.  And if that wasn’t enough,  April has been kind enough to donate one of her newest prints to giveaway to you readers and it’s from her “Loss of Innocence” series:


How do you win it?  Well, it’s simple:  Just like previous contests, all you have to do is answer a question.  AAAAAND here’s the question ( I feel like a game show host)…

*As mentioned above, actress Lisa Wilcox is a fan of April Taylor’s photography.  Horror fans know Lisa Wilcox from Nightmare on Elm Street 4 & 5.  In those films, what is the name of Ms. Wilcox’s character?*

  Answer the question in the form of a comment below the post and you’ll win a copy of this 11×14 print on white matting.  On her site, the print retails at $49.oo but you can win this sucker FREE OF CHARGE!!!  Is that awesome?  Yes…yes, it is.  Remember, when answering the question, include the email address to reach you at when the winner is chosen.  You have until Sept. 15th to enter, and a winner will be chosen and announced shortly after that.  And make sure to check out April’s website for more of her amazing work.



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  1. Alice Johnson!


  2. alice johnson

  3. Alice Johnson

  4. She played Alice Johnson in Nightmare On Elm Streets 4 and 5. aikischmid@yahoo.com

  5. Lisa Wilcox plays Alice Johnson in the films. (:

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  7. Her character was Alice Johnson

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