4th Annual Horror Movie Marathon in Yellow Springs, OH. A personal experience.

4th Annual Horror Movie Marathon in Yellow Springs, OH. A personal experience.

My brothers and I were visiting our youngest brother, a “resident” of Yellow Springs, Ohio and before we arrived were informed of  a small, center of town theater know as the Little Art Theatre was hosting it’s 4th annual horror movie marathon. With a $20 dollar ticket price you are able to catch 7 horror films, a ton of classic trailers, and spend the night with a fairly decent group of people who all share a common love of the horror genre. Some of the down sides are small and mildly inconvenient, such as there is only a one toilet men’s room, a single can of soda will set you back a $1.50, and the one that bothered me the most was the comfort level of the seats left me feeling like one giant charlie horse. Those are all personal battles I had to overcome and in no way are meant to cast a negative light on any aspect of the venue or the event.  At the concessions they will order a one topping pizza for those willing to pony up the $8 up until the first 15 minutes of the second film; no single slices but some people were willing to share. Smoke breaks and leg stretches are given in between each film. Costume contests and raffles are also a staple for these events.

Okay so on to the line up…

Not too shabby for such a laid back event.

Here is the Website:


While you’re on the website, check out the previous years line ups. They have had some pretty amazing films roll through already and have me looking forward to next years line up… Wonder what it will be? Do yourself a favor and sign up online for alerts for next years marathon.

Here is the Address and Phone Number:

247 Xenia Ave

Yellow Springs, OH 45387-1832

(937) 767-7671

Now that that’s out of the way, allow me to share a more personal experience. My day started at 4am (which is crucial to this story) as I made my way out of bed and into my car the only thing that was keeping me moving  and prepared for the 2 hour drive from my parents house to my little brother Caleab’s (Cub) was the promise of late night horror with all 3 of my brothers. It’s hard enough to get us all at a family function together at the same time, and with our own families to look after and new additions for a couple of us on the way, times like these will be even more rare. So we arrive at Cub’s around 9am’ish and prepared ourselves for the day. Besides the horror fest we were able to spend  most of the day walking the Yellow Springs Street Fair that was going on. With purchased goods in tow (a few records and some booze) we made our way back to Cub’s place and had a few beers and several conversations as to what will transpire later in our evening. A nap surely should have been on the agenda, but sadly was not. Not for any of us. What we did instead was retire to Cub’s “office” and made use of his several acoustic guitars and and keyboards. We spent a few hours there before we decided it was time to take the 15 minute walk back up town and get a place in line. The walk was tough for all of us. We were tired and sore from walking all day. But with a few open containers and a disposable hero we made our trek to the box office of the Little Art Theater. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from having only seen the outside of the building which is a pretty normal looking small theater. Time ticked away as we talked more about what we were about to witness and the level of excitement that it was bringing, but also that we weren’t going to be staying for the entire marathon. My oldest brother, Dave, had brought his wife and two sons and wasn’t really down for staying up until the butt crack of dawn for movies we could watch at home. We all agreed on this even though we talked about not getting many chances to see some of these films together in a theater. Once inside we were escorted through a very small lobby to the double doors leading in to the single screen theater. We walked along the rows and found a nice mid theater set of  4 seats along the right side of the isle, which we later traded for a second row, 4 seater on the left side for optimal viewing pleasure. Once here we waited as the lights went low and the trailers began. They showed some cool trailers (Children of the Corn, The Howling, Life Force, Phantasm II, and more) before a not so cool short film called “Local Woman Still Missing.” The film was made by some local and I’m not gonna lie, personally, I could have done with out it. Both Denny and Cub saw fit to start the applause when it had ended, only because it had ended. Finally it was time to settle in for the ride.

Now I’m not here to review these pretty well known movies by any means. I’d much rather share with you what they meant to me on a personal level, to have watched them on the “big” screen with my brothers. If I do not elaborate on certain aspects of the films, it’s because I don’t want to or feel the need to. I’m here to give credit to the theater for putting this on and tell my story.

Here we go.

Best Worst Movie… Glad I got a chance to see this the way I did. Very funny documentary about Troll 2. A really cool look into one of my favorite guilty pleasures. With a ton of laughs and some really, really awkward moments it was a great set up for  Troll 2. It definitely gave me a different perspective for Troll 2 after watching this. I’d really like to see this one again. I know there is a lot I missed due to laughing so hard. We didn’t talk much during this one. I think we were all trying to soak in the craziness we were seeing. Then came, the truly bizarre.

Troll 2… If you don’t know anything about Troll 2 just watch it. If you hate Troll 2 your dumb, and if you love it… You’re even dumber. I fall in the last group. I love Troll 2 for the giant heap that it is. An unforgiving train wreck that boasts some of the cheesiest dialog I’ve ever heard. My all time favorite line is “We need more time, for things to happen!” Anywho, Nilbog never looked so good, 35mm on the big screen made it easy to enjoy every scratch and pop and terrible edit in place. On several occasions we would turn to each other and “MST3K” the hell out of a scene we all knew to well. Once the movie was over we took our leave.

We were all pretty tired, not to mention sore from the theaters seats and it was pushing 2am. Time and rest were a big factor here. This is where the best time of the night came for me. The dark empty streets we traveled back, became ours. Our minds freshly filled with cheese ball horror, our lips burning with the sting of rapid fire quotes. We were in our element. We relived both of those films in our short 15 minute walk back to Caleab’s house and we all knew that we were sharing something bigger than us. I came to realize this fact when I had this unspoken thought creep into my brain, I knew that if something was to happen, either in real life or some crazy make believe fantasy came true, like a group of dudes came out of the shadows and wanted to throw down, we’d be ready… and if the zombie apocalypse had started that night, I couldn’t imagine a better group of guys to survive it with, and in that I found great comfort. When we do get the chance to all hang out together, our conversations are either about music or movies. When we talk about movies, it’s not always genre specific to horror. This time it was, and like a million times before, our opinions were like assholes, but for us, it’s never about who knows more or who’s going to correct your misquote. It’s about the laughter, the true fear, the dedication, the disappointments, the time, and love we all share in horror. The time we spent together that night was worth the $20 admission and leaving 2 films deep. We could have stayed and enjoyed more films and had more to talk about, but to what end. We had found what we wanted out of all of it. The bonding moment we needed wrapped up in the beautiful thing that is horror. And in that I think we are all looking forward to making it to next years 5th annual marathon and hopefully you can join us.

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With a love for art that was fueled by Saturdays filled with early morning cartoons and late night horror rentals, Courtney Wyant has spent most of his life developing his own artistic style that smashes the two together. A style he has unleashed unto the world under the name of NOTFORKIDS, in a column called Maniacal Laughter, on the horror site BloodSprayer.com........enjoy.

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