37 of the Most Shocking Cannibal Movie Posters Ever Released

37 of the Most Shocking Cannibal Movie Posters Ever Released

There’s nothing that stimulates you visual senses quite like a young sorority girl being mauled to pieces and eaten alive by native savages and left for dead on a wooden steak.  There’s so many classics in the cannibal genre, which have really powerful movie posters. This collection of posters is full of half naked women, flesh eatting forrest people, and gallons of blood.  Bon Appetit!

Sacrifice! / Man From Deep River / Deep River Savages

Cannibal Girls

Massacre In Dinosaur Valley / Stranded In Dinosaur Valley / Cannibal Ferox II

Anthropophagus / The Grim Reaper / The Zombies Rage

Isle of the Damned

Cannibal Ferox / Make Them Die Slowly / Woman From Deep River

Master of The World

The Hills Have Eyes

Emanuelle and the Last of the Cannibals / Trap Them and Kill Them

The Undertaker and his Pals

Spider Baby / The Maddest Story Ever Told

White Slave / Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story


Cannibal Apocalypse / Invasion of the Flesh Hunters / Cannibals In The Streets

Eaten Alive / Doomed to Die

The Mountain of the Cannibal God / Prisoner of the Cannibal God / Slave of the Cannibal God


A Taste For Women

Cannibal Holocaust

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As a Web & Graphics Designer I have a fascination with all thing arts. Especially the dirtier, grittier side of horror related artwork. I scour the web for the best collections of fan-art, movie posters, and horror genre artists to bring them to you.

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  1. wowie zoie. why the hellcan’t we bring this kinda artwork BACK to movie posters? at least to the horror genre that basically birthed the flare of it all…

  2. I agree with Josh that graphic designers have ruined the industry…so, Josh what do you say me and you start a movie poster revolution and bring back the good old days, as seen here?

    • Well, I’m totally down for that except for one small fact: I can’t draw for crap! Which is why I had to settle for graphic design and make my money by just putting borders around other people’s artwork. But if you go through with this and need any flaming text, or animated smoking skulls I’m your guy!

  3. sounds good to me…can’t have too many animated smoking skulls.

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