Piranha 3-D is the Bloodiest Movie Ever?

Piranha 3-D is the Bloodiest Movie Ever?

Adam ScottAdam Scott is one of those actors who tend to have a recognizable face and a forgettable name.  You’ve seen him the films Step Brothers, Knocked Up and 1996’s Hellraiser: Bloodline.  He recently talked with USA Today about his upcoming project Piranha 3-D.

“This one will be really cool – Alexandre Aja, who directed it, is a pretty incredible guy. He directed High Tension a few years ago, which was a wonderful horror film that was really artful and really terrifying and disgusting. As far as horror films go, it was about as good as you can get. This’ll be a nice mix of a lot of humor in there — it doesn’t take itself very seriously – but also I think the trick will be you’ll be laughing because there’s a lot of comedy, but as you’re laughing, then you’ll be hit with horrible, disgusting violence. [Laughs] And from what I’ve heard, it’s the bloodiest movie in film history.”

piranha partyHe also adds:  “There’s a massacre scene where all the piranhas attack a big party that’s happening in a lake, where they had a gas tanker truck that was filled with blood. On the side of the lake, it had a tube coming out of it, going underground and coming up at the bottom of the lake, and it was just pumping blood into the lake for this massacre scene. I think there actually is more blood spilled in this film than ever before. But it was some special biodegradable fake blood, because we were in a lake.”

Piranha 3-D opens on August 27th.

Source: USA Today

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